Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Monday!

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Rewind! Technical Issues

In case you came to visit yesterday and were not able to see my post, I invite you to scroll down and the post has now magically appeared! So....if you scroll down past the collage, you will now find the post titled, "Spa Day for the Girls" and the post is actually there!

I apologize for the mishap. I am in an extreme amount of pain due to a rheumatoid flare.

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Spa Day for the Girls

Oh believe me, I was much more excited about this spa day than the girls were!  They do not even want to get in the car...they know the routine.  I am pretty sure that they can actually read my mind!

So, we get in the car to drive down the street...the Spa is literally five minutes down the street.  The whining begins...and the panting.

Every. Single. Time.

Upon exiting the vehicle, we cannot go right in as Miss Chloe has to do her business.  Again!  She just went before we got in the car!

Chloe wants to get back in the car and wants no part of going in the building.  I end up picking her up and carrying her in...while untangling LadyBug's leash which is now wound around the railing going up the steps.

I only leave them for two hours.  They know that I always come for them IMMEDIATELY when they are done.  They are the only two dogs there.  It is not like they have to deal with the stress of other dogs barking or anything.

Upon my return, they are glad to see me...yet remain aloof...they want me to know that they are NOT happy with me.  They are pissed off.  We have to immediately get in to the car and the panting resumes for the mad dash home.

When we pull in the garage, they RACE to the door and drain two entire water bowls in one swoop.

You would think I am torturing them!  Now...I groom them myself most of the time, but every now and then...they need some major shaping...(mostly because I just suck at it).

They normally go to sleep as soon as they finish tanking down their water bowls.  Not today.

They decided to act like crazy lunatics...running and blitzing around the yard and up and down the steps and all around the house!

I think that their SomaPet must be working REALLY WELL!

Have a look...
Friday, October 17, 2014

Pet Safety: Retractable Leashes

I know that we have all talked about this before, but there is a discussion going on in one of my Bichon groups regarding how UN-safe retractable leashes are for our furry friends. 

 Please, please be careful should you decide to purchase one of these...after doing a bit of research, I am convinced it is not the safest choice.

A retractable leash is not so much a leash as it is a length of thin cord wound around a spring-loaded device housed inside a plastic handle. The handles of most retractable leashes are designed to fit comfortably in a human hand. A button on the handle controls how much of the cord is extended.

Retractable leashes are popular primarily because they aren't as confining as regular leashes, allowing dogs more freedom to sniff and poke around on walks. But unfortunately, there are many downsides to this type of leash.

10 Reasons Not to Use a Retractable Leash

1. The length of retractable leashes, some of which can extend up to 26 feet, allows dogs to get far enough away from their humans that a situation can quickly turn dangerous. A dog on a retractable leash is often able to run into the middle of the street, for example, or make uninvited contact with other dogs or people.

2. In the above scenario, or one in which your pet is being approached by an aggressive dog, it is nearly impossible to get control of the situation if the need arises. It's much easier to regain control of – or protect -- a dog at the end of a six-foot standard flat leash than it is if he's 20 or so feet away at the end of what amounts to a thin string.

3. The thin cord of a retractable leash can break – especially when a powerful dog is on the other end of it. If a strong, good-sized dog takes off at full speed, the cord can snap. Not only can that put the dog and whatever he may be chasing in danger, but also the cord can snap back and injure the human at the other end.

4. If a dog walker gets tangled up in the cord of a retractable leash, or grabs it in an attempt to reel in their dog, it can result in burns, cuts, and even amputation. In addition, many people have been pulled right off their feet by a dog that reaches the end of the leash and keeps going. This can result in bruises, "road rash," broken bones, and worse.

5. Dogs have also received terrible injuries as a result of the sudden jerk on their neck that occurs when they run out the leash, including neck wounds, lacerated tracheas, and injuries to the spine.
Retractable leashes allow dogs more freedom to pull at the end of them, which can look like aggression to another dog who may decide to "fight back."

6. The handles of retractable leashes are bulky and can be easily pulled out of human hands, resulting in a runaway dog.

7. Along those same lines, many dogs – especially fearful ones – are terrorized by the sound of a dropped retractable leash handle and may take off running, which is dangerous enough. To make matters worse, the object of the poor dog's fear is then "chasing" her, and if the leash is retracting as she runs, the handle is gaining ground on her – she can't escape it. Even if this scenario ultimately ends without physical harm to the dog (or anyone else), it can create lingering fear in the dog not only of leashes, but also of being walked.

8. Retractable leashes, like most retractable devices, have a tendency to malfunction over time, either refusing to extend, refusing to retract, or unspooling at will.

9. Retractable leashes are an especially bad idea for dogs that haven't been trained to walk politely on a regular leash. By their very nature, retractables train dogs to pull while on leash, because they learn that pulling extends the lead.

10. If your dog is well trained, gentle mannered and smart enough to master a regular leash and a retractable leash without being confused, you could be one of the rare guardians that can walk your pooch on any kind of leash without increasing risks to either one of you.

By Dr. Becker

Just to add a bit of "spice" to this it is not all doom and gloom...

Check out these super cute little dog beds I happened to run across!!

Credit for the picture goes to their website at Sasquatch Pet Beds!!

I have no affiliation with this company and no experience with their beds, I just thought they were cute!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Halloween Dreams...

This costume is appropriate ... Don't you think??

If only I could get Chloe to actually pose like this for me!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

BlogPaws WW: Gearing Up for Halloween

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Chewy Solid Gold Tiny Tots Treats are Superb!!

**Disclosure:  These treats were provided to me in exchange for my honest review**

Guess who made a delivery at our house??  CHEWY!!

Solid Gold's Lamb Tiny Tots are made with lamb, brown rice, oats, tapioca, cinnamon, and rosemary.  The girls went CRAZY when the box arrived!  Then when I opened it...this happened...

All kinds of gymnastics were performed to see if she could reach that bag!!
Do you see her licking her chops??

In the end, she knew I was going to let her try them anyway...I swear she actually knows and understands the letters C H E W Y!!  She also knows that the man in the brown truck with the brown suit on usually delivers boxes that are for HER!!

Miss Chloe is VERY smart that way!

LadyBug enjoyed the treats just as much as Chloe did.   EIGHT paws up from this household for the Solid Gold TinyTots!!

We highly recommend BOTH Chewy and the Solid Gold Tiny Tots Lamb Treats!!