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Friday, April 24, 2015

One of THOSE Days...

Ever have one of THOSE days...where it seems as if everything is just going all wrong??  

If you follow me on Facebook, you are probably already aware...driving down the highway at 70 miles an hour and the passenger side mirror on the RV just fell off and shattered in to a zillion pieces!  It is not just a regular mirror and we cannot just duct tape one back on.  This particular mirror is heated and motorized and requires replacement of the entire assembly.  That little mishap will cost $250.

My husband was not very say the least.  It had been raining so much and it was just gloomy.  Then, we get to our new park and cook dinner.  I switched on the water heater to heat water for dishes after Ben had gone to bed.  It usually heats up in about 15 minutes. So, I heard it switch off and went to the sink...and noticed there was water all over the floor.  Chloe had been lying in front of the sink minutes before and she had just moved.  So, I begin my investigation to check pipes and valves under the sink...even went in to the bathroom to see if anything is leaking in the shower.  Nope!  Well, Chloe had to go out by this time, so I picked her up to help her down the steps...and her fur is SOAKED!  Now I am thinking...this is REALLY strange!  How on earth could she have gotten all wet?

I throw caution to the wind at this point and wake Ben up to explain what is going best as I can.  I didn't want things to progress too much more until we found the source of this leak!  It had to be coming from somewhere!

So...Ben gets up and proceeds to go outside to see if he could determine what is wrong.  Meanwhile I had blow dryer Chloe and mopped up the rest of the water.  Ben comes back inside and informs me that there is water all over under the RV.  Apparently the water heater overheated and lost all its water!

So...dishes done in cold water and I spent several hours last night trying to locate the part I "thought" we needed...which I found at Camping World.  This morning we had reservations with Enterprise to pick up our while Ben did that, I called around to check prices and availability of the valve we needed. They just happened to have the very valve we needed right here at the park in their RV Service Department!  Yay!  Small victory!  I would have celebrated anything at this point! 

We were also scheduled to go pick up my golf cart today so when Ben returned with the rental car, he drove me over to the Golf Car Rental place and I took care of that.  Then we both went back to try and solve this mystery.

So far, so good...we installed the new valve and it seems to be holding up for now...which is GREAT!  I was actually able to take a shower AND do dishes before the hot water ran out!  Mission Accomplished.

You all know how much LadyBug FREAKS out when she hears thunderstorms...well, the very same thing happens with firecrackers!  I had checked with the "Powers that be" and discovered that fireworks are NOT permitted or tolerated inside the Park.  Well...these firecrackers were LOUD and very, very long!!  I called Security only to find out that the beach is public property and I would need to file a formal complaint with the County Sheriff.  

At this point, I fee l like I am going to

I GIVE UP at this point.  LadyBug has folded herself up into a tiny ball and is hiding inside the wheelwell in the bedroom.  

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity...the fireworks finally came to an end.  

Onward and Upward!

The good news of the day...Enterprise tricked us out with a fabulous Ford Explorer with only about 100 miles on it, but it has more electronic systems than you can even dream up!!  

Let's all hope tomorrow is a better day!
Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Few Brief Pics!

Here are a couple of pics of how we spent our day...The turtles here are awesome to watch and HUGE!!

More later...long travel day ahead!!
Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New Sights!

I wish we could have stayed in Destin just a little while longer as there were a couple of beaches we were not able to make it to...namely Seaside and Rosemary Beach.  Guess we will have to check those out next time.

When we travel we do not tow a car.  We always have Enterprise pick us up!  We are on a first name basis with all of the Enterprise offices across the US as we have rented from all of least, that's the way it seems!  Yesterday was such a bad day...especially for LadyBug...who is still traumatized from all of the storms, that I sent Ben to do the grocery shopping and I stayed with the girls.  

We will go two days without a vehicle and then pick one up for another seven days.  So, we just have to make sure that we have enough food with us to cover a couple of days.  Fortunately, the place we are staying now has a fabulous little cafe on the property and it is awesome because I do not have to cook!!  They actually have really good food!  They will even deliver it right to your RV if you prefer!

On driving days, the girls spend their time like this...

The girls have become very familiar with the resorts that we frequent and it seems they have something to look forward to at each one.  This particular one has LIZARDS!  Little tiny lizards that Miss Chloe loves to chase!!  I usually spend most of the day chasing Chloe while she is chasing lizards!  Unfortunately, we are not in our "regular" spot and we have not yet seen any lizards.  Chloe is very disappointed and I expect she will be on guard first thing...trying to find HER lizards!!  Or her ducks...or turtles...or fish!!
I tried to capture a couple of quick pics before it got dark as it was a long drive today...

The girls were not in to posing for me...they were WAY too interested in all of the new sights, sounds and smells!!

Hopefully, it will be a little brighter tomorrow and I can capture a few good shots!
Thursday, April 16, 2015

Oh...The Places We Go!

Nothing like fresh, local seafood when traveling!  Above, is my shrimp with sweet potato fries...EXCELLENT!

In addition to the shrimp & fries, Ben had the seafood chowder...which he said was equally as good!

What an interesting place THIS was!  It was typical old Florida...lots of STRANGE things just hanging around...perfect for my picture-taking blog fodder!

Here you will see my Southern Sweet Tea...which I LOVE!  It is my drink of choice when traveling in the south!

Cam you even believe that they charged me $6.00 a pop for those sweet teas??  

My husband played on the Senior Olympics Volleyball Team, so he was thrilled that there is a large Volleyball Tournament here all week long.  I don't mind, because while he is watching the volleyball...I can peruse the shops!

It has been very overcast and somewhat rainy for the past couple of do not come out as good!

See the woman in the boat hanging from the ceiling??  Told you there was some interesting stuff to see here!!

This place was quite creative in their design...they painted a bunch of old tires and hung them on the ceiling for the "Color Effect"!

This place is HOPPING at night...very, VERY large bass music until 4am!  It just happens to be across the street from our place...we can hear it from the RV!

Interesting little courtyard linking the front restaurant to the back deck on the gulf...

An old washer found its way in to the garden...who knows where THAT came from??!

Then, there is this red phone booth...presumably for photo opps or selfies!

In case you were looking for Nite you go!!

And we are off to get some desperately-needed sleep!!

Stop by and see what we are up to tomorrow!

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