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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Oh...The Places We Go!

Nothing like fresh, local seafood when traveling!  Above, is my shrimp with sweet potato fries...EXCELLENT!

In addition to the shrimp & fries, Ben had the seafood chowder...which he said was equally as good!

What an interesting place THIS was!  It was typical old Florida...lots of STRANGE things just hanging around...perfect for my picture-taking blog fodder!

Here you will see my Southern Sweet Tea...which I LOVE!  It is my drink of choice when traveling in the south!

Cam you even believe that they charged me $6.00 a pop for those sweet teas??  

My husband played on the Senior Olympics Volleyball Team, so he was thrilled that there is a large Volleyball Tournament here all week long.  I don't mind, because while he is watching the volleyball...I can peruse the shops!

It has been very overcast and somewhat rainy for the past couple of do not come out as good!

See the woman in the boat hanging from the ceiling??  Told you there was some interesting stuff to see here!!

This place was quite creative in their design...they painted a bunch of old tires and hung them on the ceiling for the "Color Effect"!

This place is HOPPING at night...very, VERY large bass music until 4am!  It just happens to be across the street from our place...we can hear it from the RV!

Interesting little courtyard linking the front restaurant to the back deck on the gulf...

An old washer found its way in to the garden...who knows where THAT came from??!

Then, there is this red phone booth...presumably for photo opps or selfies!

In case you were looking for Nite you go!!

And we are off to get some desperately-needed sleep!!

Stop by and see what we are up to tomorrow!

Thoughtless Thursday

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Epic Fail!

The ThunderShirt was an Epic Fail.

It was storming SO loudly for SO long that I finally insisted on stopping by a PetSmart to purchase a ThunderShirt because it's the only thing we have not yet tried on LadyBug.  Honestly, this poor dog is going to have a heart attack...she gets SO worked up!

Not only was I not impressed with the results of this "swaddling" technique...I thought the quality of the shirt was very cheap.

Needless to say, we are back to square one and we will be visiting the store to return the shirt.

So disappointed!
The Thun
Monday, April 13, 2015

Beach Site!

As you know, we are enjoying our road trip...trying to take advantage of the days of sun before the floods hit!  There are flood warnings all around us at the moment!

 THEY went out exploring at some of the beaches, but left us in the comfort of our air conditioning...which we prefer anyway.  We do NOT like to get all HOT!!  The water is just the most gorgeous color of blue...and the sand is so powdery white!

Here is a picture of us at our site enjoying a little sunshine.  We DO have our very own lounge chairs you know.  The umbrella is a nice touch...and we especially enjoyed the GRILL!

We just love hamburgers cooked on the grill!

We had not been to this particular park before, but we highly recommend it!   It was absolutely gorgeous and our site was right on the lake!  

They even had a beautiful white SWAN!!

And TONS of very LARGE frogs!!
Friday, April 10, 2015

See Beautiful! We Are On An Adventure!

We are on our annual Road Trip!  We just HAD to get out of the cold, wet, snowy, damp weather and find some BEAUTY... some flowers and green grass...and PALM Trees!!

When we left, the weather was OK...not great, but not terrible.  There was still some snow piles around, but for the most part, the roads were clear.

Until we got to Pennsylvania!!  Unbelievable!!

I am sure the girls were thinking...didn't we just leave this stuff behind???

We honestly could not believe how deep this snow was...and HEAVY!!

We were just hoping it wasn't going to stay around!!

It usually takes the girls a day or so to get used to "driving days".  They are a little on the restless side at first.  It was NOT fun cleaning off their feet as underneath that snow, there was a ton of CLAY that made little clay pawprints all OVER the floor and I spent the next hour down on the floor trying to clean up the mess!

The girls were more than thrilled when we stopped for an overnight in North Carolina.  They have been at this park many times and LadyBug was anxious to get out and EXPLORE!  Chloe was content just to hang by the RV.

I think they were just as glad as we were to see GRASS and to be able to spend some quality time outside!

Everyone went to bed early that night!  We were all exhausted!!

I was even taking pictures at the truck stops...see that GREEN stuff...maybe not perfect, but at the very was GREEN!

Chloe was SO excited!  She is my little traveler pup!!  LadyBug is my walker...she loves to go out and check out the sights and sounds!!

Hope you are Seeing Beautiful today!!

I will continue to update you as we progress!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Mischievous Minis

It started out to be a regular Easter Egg Hunt...then it got CRAZY!!