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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Life is Like A Camera

Life is like a camera

You focus on what's important...

Capture the good times!

Develop from the negative...and if things don't work out...

Take another Shot!!

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Happy Birthday!

We celebrated our Dad's birthday but THEY went out for dinner!!

Let's just say it is a good thing that THEY returned with Greenies for us!!

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thoughtless Thursday: The Entertainment Edition

 Many moons ago I won a prize package from Pet360 which included a Nina Ottoson puzzle game for the girls.  I saved it until Christmas as I didn't want to give them ALL their new toys at one time.  This is one really fancy game...let me tell you!!

It even comes with instructions AND a DVD to explain all the different things you can do with it!  

So, I give you....the girls...opening up their Christmas gift!

Thoughtless Thursday

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tasty Tuesday: Tropical Rice with Meat

Tropical Rice with Meat

2 1/2 cups multi-colored rice or the rice of your choice
2 cups cooked chicken
1 cup cooked chopped lean ham
1 cup chopped fresh green beans
1 cup black beans
1 cup fresh pineapple
1 1/2 cups chopped yams

The package of multi-colored rice called for 5 cups of water.  I used 6 cups of water.  Follow the directions of the rice you use and add 1 cup of water extra.

After the water boils, add dry rice, fresh green beans, fresh pineapple, yams and lean ham.  Let rice cook until done.

Stir in cooked chicken and beans.  You can chop the chicken or shred it.  Make sure this cooked chicken has NOT been cooked with onions!

Stir well to mix all ingredients.  If it appears too dry, you can add more water.  Cool.

Yield:  14 cups

Keeps in the fridge for three days and in the freezer for three months

*My thanks to Vicki Howell and Jackpot for this delicious recipe!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Living in Frigid Upstate NY Requires Proper Planning!

When the girlz put on their Canada Pooch Wear...they really ARE dressed better than I am!!  Which gives me an idea...perhaps I should ask them if they could make their Winter Gear in larger sizes...perhaps with longer arms...BOL!!!

We are totally in love with the Winter Vests and the Wilderness Jacket!!  Chloe and LadyBug have never, EVER, looked more stylish than they do in these jackets!!  Whenever they are wearing them, people stop and ask ... where did you get those awesome coats??  And we tell them...CANADA POOCH!   They KNOW how to please their customers.

And we are pleased.  Every Single Time.  

Now.  Go.  Check it out for yourselves!!   PS.....they have super cute pups over there wearing trendy, stylish Canada Pooch Wear!!  You can even submit your OWN pup...or kitty!!

The Arctic Adventurer Vest stands true to its name with a versatile design that lets your pooch explore the winter terrain while protecting your pup from winter’s chill.  The vest’s sleek fit, fleece lining, extra warm core, and waterproof shell let your dog get the most out of winter. 

The Winter Wilderness Jacket is designed to keep your pooch toasty warm on the most frigid winter days with its fleecy warm lining, extra thick core, protective sleeves, and waterproof exterior shell. 

Some tips we all can use for our pets during the frigid winter months:

Keep the hair around their paw pads trimmed. Less hair will help keep paws free of ice and snow, which can quickly ball up between footpads and create uncomfortable walking conditions for pets.

Check the paw pads for small cuts or cracks. You may want to consider dog boots for dogs that react negatively to walking on ice and snow - especially dogs that react to snow removal products.  LadyBug is particularly sensitive to the ice and snow and that's the reason I tried PAWZ boots.  They work very well for her and we haven't had any incidents of three-legged walking since she has been wearing PAWZ.

Cleaning  your dog's paws after walks will help to remove salt and snow removal chemicals, which can be very toxic to pets.

Check your dog's ears, tail and feet for frostbite. Cold winter sidewalks and pathways may cause pain or contribute to frostbite. A dog that continually lifts individual legs off the ground during a winter walk may be feeling the effects of frostbite. Frostbitten skin may appear red or gray. If you suspect frostbite, wrap your dog's feet in a blanket or towels to gradually warm them and contact your veterinarian.  When the girls' come in from being outside when it is super cold, I towel them off first and then hold each paw individually in my warm hands to warm up their paw pads.  If it is particularly cold, we resort to using the hair dryer!

Providing the proper amount of food for the season is extremely important. Dogs that participate in strenuous outdoor activities might just require additional food during colder weather. On the other hand, indoor dogs that exercise LESS frequently in the winter may need LESS food.

Provide adequate fresh, unfrozen water.  We have a real problem with tear stains and I have found that giving the girls' filtered water helps with lessening the stains.  Indoor dogs may require more water to combat drier winter air.

Keep puppies and senior dogs indoors except for short periods of time. Very young puppies and kittens and senior animals are much more susceptible to the effects of the cold.

Pay particular attention to snow removal. It is NOT a good idea to pile snow near fences which can create an escape route for curious pets.

Keep their ID tags updated and securely fastened to their collars!  This is especially important during the winter as pets sometimes run away!

Do NOT suddenly expect your indoor dog to become an outdoor dog!!   Dogs require a month or MORE (as seasons change) to become accustomed to lower winter temperatures.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Chloe and Michelle!!

We celebrate many birthdays during the month of January!

Chloe turned 11 years old!  Where did the time go??

I would also like to share that we are celebrating my daughter's 29th Birthday today!!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!