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Monday, May 25, 2015
Sunday, May 24, 2015

Black and White Bichón

 We are happy to be joining Sugar the Golden Retriever and Dachshund Nola for their 

Black & White Sunday Blog Hop

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

#SomaPet: For The Life Of Your Pet!!

**I did receive product samples from SomaPet, but all opinions are my own and SomaPet is not responsible for the content.**

Let's talk about what SomaPet is!  SomaPet is an all natural, vegan, whole food supplement that is designed specifically to deliver the best nutritional support to your pet.  Renewed vitality is one of the health improvements you will notice when you add SomaPet to your pet's diet.

  I simply cannot explain the immense changes I have noticed in both Chloe and LadyBug!!

Many of you know that LadyBug had been suffering from Trigeminal Neuritis for the second time.  I truly believe that adding SomaPet to her diet is assisting in the process of her recovery! 

 She is back to playing and running again!!

SomaPet is a trademarked combination of organic free-form crystalline amino acids that encourage the production of healing, repair, and growth factors that stimulate your pet's natural processes of cell repair and regeneration.  This product was literally tested on humans FIRST and I really do believe that it increases energy levels and decreases the signs of aging!

 The specific combination of SomaPet's ingredients ensure an appropriate balance of amino acids which are particularly beneficial for our pets that are over the age of three.  Chloe is now eleven years old, and LadyBug is ten.


Healthier Skin and Coat
Reduced Body Fat
Vitality Renewed
Immune System Improvement
Strengthening of Collagen and Bones
The specific changes I have noticed in my girls include:
Their eyes seem clearer and their attention focus improved

Huge change in energy level ... Chloe has not been able to jump in over a year, but she's jumping now!!

The texture of their fur not only looks shinier, it is much more healthy!

It is important to note that SomaPet contains NO artificial flavor, color, preservatives, sucrose, starch, gluten, dairy, or yeast.

THERE IS LINK TO SOMAPET on my right side bar...if you are interested in purchasing, please click on that link!  Thanks so much!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Mini Mischief Monday Talking About #Earth Rated

**Disclosure:  Per FTC Regulations, I was provided with samples of Earth Rated Bags to try.  No other compensation was received and the opinions expressed in this post are my own.  Earth Rated is not responsible for the content.**

Holy Cow!  Those minis sure were in trouble with mama...BIG time!!  When we returned from our trip, they were no where to be found...they literally disappeared!!  Mama looked everywhere for them and couldn't find them!!

Then her credit card statement came in the mail and she saw a bunch of new charges for airline tickets to Michigan and SPA Services!!  Those minis showed up yesterday and boy was mama hopping mad!!  They were all BEAUTIFIED and everything...sure...but they are grounded for like, EVER!!

The good news is that they did bring us some cool stuff!  

Let me explain a little about Earth Rated.

Earth Rated is a Canadian company based in Montreal.  They were founded in 2010.  The company produces really fun and affordable waste bags for dog owners.  The company has committed to providing dog owners with the absolute best alternative to plastic grocery bags.   Earth Rated products help keep communities clean, so that all dogs and their humans have safe spaces to run and play.  Check out their website at

One of my most favorite products is the Earth Rated Dispenser!  It is the CUTEST dispenser on the my opinion.  

It is a convenient container for the Earth Rated refill rolls and comes packed with one roll of 15 bags. 

The dispenser fits all standard-size rolls and has an adjustable strap that you can attach to any leash or even your belt loop.  The screw-on top keeps the bags secure and the hook on the back of the dispenser holds used bags for hands-free transport until you can properly dispose of it.

My most favorite scent is the LAVENDER!  It also comes in unscented.  Especially when we are traveling in the RV, the lavender scented bags work the best.  The best selling dog waste bags are big, thick, tough and totally leakproof!

The refill rolls pack includes eight rolls of 15 bags that are 9 x 13in.  They fit into most standard size dispensers.

The bags are super easy to open and detach from the roll which makes cleaning up simple and quick.

Earth Rated also offers Extra Large Handle Bags.  These bags open extra wide for the biggest of messes and can even accommodate a litter scoop for kitty litter cleanup!!  Each Handle Bags box contains 120 individual bags measuring 7 x 13.5in. each.  They are available in both lavender and unscented.

Earth Rated also offers a Bulk Pack which is conveniently packaged on a single roll in a box made from recycled content that quickly and easily dispenses one bag at a time.  Leak-proof and extra strong, each bag holds any pup's poop, while the Bulk Pack fits just perfect in your pantry.  Each Bulk Pack bag measures 8 x 13 inches and are available in lavender and unscented.

 We sure do hope that you have enjoyed learning about Earth Rated Bags as much as we have...they are our most favorite bag!!

And to the minis...we sure do hope that their trip was worth it...they really DO look beautiful again...and we love the Earth Rated stuff they brought us!!