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Friday, September 12, 2008

And....How Was Your Week??

Ever have one of those weeks where it seemed like everything was breaking down? That has been this week. One of our alarm systems stopped working properly, the brake lines on my husband's Fiero GT went, the lawn tractor crapped out, lost internet at the cottage and had to reconfigure the modem, Dell had to ship us out a new hard drive for the BRAND NEW computer....ARGHGHGHGHGH!!!

That's the one that makes me the most crazy!!

I haven't seen the fox tonight....that's the Upside!

I'm currently researching lawn services to come and cut the grass that is beginning to look like a cornfield! We may be shopping for a new lawn tractor as the clutch mechanism for the old one costs $400 and the belt is another fifty. May as well get a new one! The TV here at the cottage is on its last legs...It's a Sanyo flat screen...only two years old! Oh, and the kitchen screen at the house went last week.

I think I am very glad that it is now Friday. Hope we all have a good weekend!! I am trying VERY hard to be OPTIMISTIC!!


CrystalChick said...

Yup! That's the way it usually works.
For now, our future SIL cuts the grass, but really most of our yard is a dust bowl from the dogs ripping and running anyway so he really only has to mow over a few clump of weeds here and there.

Hope the weekend is better for you!

Brenda said...

Oh Lordy child, you have had a hard week!!

aims said...

That is indeed a hard week.

I just realized the colour of your print is driving my eyes buggy! I couldn't figure what it was until I found myself squinting....sigh...where's my glasses anyway?


You'd think with all your strings of breaking down, it's Friday the 13th at your place!

Jen said...

when it rains, it pours. or in ike's, case, it slams! ;) try and have a relaxing weekend.

Katya said...

We have been under all types of STRESS this past week. PAST week!!! How is that for optimistic?

My Explorer cost a mere $750 to get fixed. But LG delivered a brand new fridge to us yesterday after our one a little more than one year old developed a HOLE in the plastic by the crisper drawer! Our floors are dreadfully in need of a sanding and new coat of poly, but the delivery guys put a couple of dents in the floor.

Yeah, for one reason or another, we have been stressing out a lot lately. I hate stress! I would love to go live in a cabin in the middle of nowhere about now! Oh, with NO furnishings and nothing to break, destroy, or otherwise need fixin'!!!!!!!!!!!

Things will get better! They always do!!!!

lisaschaos said...

Sounds like lots of things to fix up. That tv should have lasted longer than that! Stupid tv.