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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Crazy Thinking

Have any of you ever sat down and written a quick post....hit send....and only realized days later that it sounded...kind of CRAZY???

I just received a comment from someone...who shall remain anonymous...and I had to laugh!! I went back and read the post again. Sounded like I was a crazy person.

Get used to it people. I got too much goin' on for this brain of mine to handle. So, my sanity...might be slipping a bit for the foreseeable future!

Please bear with me while the cobwebs are being cleaned out of my head!!

I simply cannot wait to see B E A C H!!!

See that pic up there! We are talking FIFTY FEET from the freakin' beach!!!


Do I SOUND excited????? Well.


Only a little bit longer til we're off!!


Karen said...

I think I'm almost as excited as YOU, just to read your posts! You better keep up with the posting, Jeanne, some of us are living our dreams through you right

A Spot of T said...

I happen to think your posts make perfect sense. So either I'm crazy too, which we all know is so ridiculous it's...well...crazy....or the person who wrote you the email is on crack for thinking such a thing.

Now. For pete sake cheer up and try and get a BIT excited for that upcoming holiday you're going on. Sheesh. You're way too calm. :o)

BlondeBlogger said...

Hahaha....I know how you feel! Have a wonderful time at the beach! *jealous*

lisaschaos said...

I already knew you were crazy! ;) You will have tons of fun at the beach!

Katya said...

Oh, it is SO cold out there this morning, I can see WHY you want to escape!!!!!!

Don't worry about the cobwebs! I think we ALL get 'em about this time of the year!!!! It is also called cabin fever!!!!!

Relyn said...

Have a wonderful, marvelous time!!