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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Slow Sunday

It was a pretty slow and relaxing Sunday! Met Ben's sister and her husband and her son and daughter-in-law with their new baby, Colin, for breakfast at the newly reopened Gill House. It was a great breakfast!! Then came back to the cottage and took a look around the yard...things are starting to grow....Raspberries are starting but no fruit til about July or August, Hosta is coming along, as are my Chives and Peppermint. The bushes are in full bloom, but it is COLD outside today...relatively was 49 degrees coming back from breakfast! Think we'll stay in tonight and catch a DVD. I just finished a really well-written book called "Still Alice". That book had alot of meaning for me as it is told by a Harvard Professor who was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's Disease. Since my mom passed away from Alzheimer's, it was rather enlightening to read what she had gone through.


Donna said...

Love your plants!! Beautiful! 49? Wow, it was 94 here today! Stay warm!hughugs

Katya said...

Everything seems like it is growing sooooo fast this year! We are currently watching as the beautiful canopy is being destroyed by those lousy rotten gyspy moth caterpillars. Oh, I HATE those things!!!!!!

It really WAS cold today and I am grateful to be inside!!!!

I would have GLADLY traded you for a slow was insane! I am just glad the day is coming to an END!!!!

Honeygo Beasley said...

Sorry to hear about your mom. Belated condolences.
Your garden is growing very nicely - what a lovely haven. And what a cute baby Colin is!

Hope you're having a great day today.

Brenda said...

It's already climbing towards another 90 degree day here. Enjoy your cottage visit!

lisaschaos said...

My mil has Alzheimer - so far not bad though. My grandmother had it but she has passed. Hope you're having a great time!!