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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stand UP For Family

I know that I have SOME blog readers who are younger than I am...but I also have some that are around my you remember those GREAT times you had as a kid...when you'd leave the house in the morning and stay outside ALL DAY long...and only head home when you thought it must be getting time for dinner?? 
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Amanda Wright said...

I am one who had the best of both worlds. I knew time without all the electronics and a time with. I see benefits of both worlds. It may just be my neighborhood... but most of the kids are out playing until their parents yell at them to come in. I don't think it is the cause of the falling apart of the American Family. I see more adults than kids using electronics and not paying enough attention to the kids. If the traditional family is falling apart, then it is due to dual-wage earners who are too tired for their children when they come home. There are very few 9 to 5 jobs or positions that support "mommy" hours. You have to be available when the company needs you. If you run your own business, it's 24-7. We need to build an economy that supports family, not corporate culture, in my humble opinion. Maybe this is where the senior community comes in and teaches us and guides us through these problems? As a future teacher, I hope to be able to teach kids how to do math without a graphing calculator.

Ann said...

Kids today would have gone out of their minds crazy living back in the day. We sure had some fun though and boy the things we could think up