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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Miss Congeniality!

Miss Juliet has developed her own little personality!  In fact...she is Miss Congeniality...she would definitely win that contest!!

She was helping her Daddy blow out the candles last night.  Actually, it wasn't a cake.  It was teeny, tiny single bites of different flavors of cheesecake!  Raspberry, Turtle, and Plain.  SO yummy!

And all she really wanted to do..was stick her tongue out and lick one of those tasty tidbits!!

Just because it has been SO dreary are a few SUNNY shots of my daughter's recent Aruba trip!

I simply cannot WAIT to get to the beach!!


Molly the AireGirl said...

What a winner of a picture of you and your daddy, Juliet! Cheeeesecake! yummmmm
Aruba looks glorious!

Hailey's Lady said...

Juliet is so sweet. Thanks for reminding us winter will end!

Madi and Mom said...

Juliet WTG girlfriend...Looks like you are your Dad's girl and we send him happy bday wishes.
Mom likes the idea of different flavors of cheesy cake for his bday cake
Hugs madi your bfff

Ann Thompson said...

As look how cute she is. I would love to be in Aruba right now

easyweimaraner said...

that was super clever you came as near pawsible to that tasty cakes ;O))

Murphy Campbell said...

Most doggies just want to help! Me and Stanley always like helping, especially in the kitchen!

Keep Calm & Bark On!

Murphy & Stanley

Kinley Westie said...

My momma wants to be on dat beach too!

BeadedTail said...

Juliet is one smart girl! Happy belated Birthday to Ben!

M. K. Clinton said...

I love cheesecake so much!

Da DB Boyz said...

Juliet looks so very cute helping her Daddy! Those Aruba pictures are soooo inviting!
Jakey, Arty & Rosy