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Monday, September 24, 2007

When Depressed...Shop! Baby! Shop!

When I'm feeling down in the dumps or something is bothering me, I shop. That's just the way I am. I love to shop. Now this type of hobby can get one in a heap of trouble if not careful. Enter Online Shopping. I can shop and shop to my heart's content...put everything into the shopping cart...then CLOSE out the site and log off. No money spent. No harm done. Now some of you might think this is kind of stupid. It's just a game. And this game doesn't cost anything. And it's MY game, so I don't really care if you think it's stupid or not. Of course, I would rather go to the mall and fill up a cart, but then I would have to pay for all of the stuff that I purchase! A couple of sites that I really like to shop at:

At Amazon, I can always find something I like!!

All That Scraps is one of my absolute favorite online card / scrapbooking store!And she even gives Bug Bucks! I ordered some things on Friday, and they arrived in my mailbox today ! How's that for service?

One of my new favorite discoveries...kind of like a little online mall full of little boutiques...loveitalot!


Kaytabug said...

Girl you are not alone! I do the same thing!!!

lisa's chaos said...

I do the same thing and you're right it's safer, cheaper and gets us in less trouble. :)

Sounds like you finished the cart at the srap place though. :) I'm gonna check that link.

Sirdar said...

I like to shop...but don't. Cost too much.