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Friday, October 19, 2007

I Have Lost My Mind

Can't Believe it.....I am not what one would consider a fitness-type person. My Dr. has been trying for try and get me to exercise. It's just not a word in my vocabulary. Well, something "clicked" in my head last night and I tossed and turned and tossed and turned and didn't get any sleep, but woke up this morning with the decision that I....ME....the one who doesn't like actually going to join - wait for it - CURVES for Women! Well, that was the plan. I did a whole bunch of research on the internet, and called my insurance company to see if they subsidize Curves. They Do. So, that decision was easy...for $7.50 a week, I will now become one of those gym-type people. Nah....I will never be one of THOSE folks. First, I make the obligatory phone call know...feel out the place, find out if the woman who answered the phone was a total bitch or not. She wasn't sir! She was GREAT! So, jump in the car, and drive over's about two miles from my house. Which is a good thing. If it was far, I would not consider it. I walk in and immediately felt like I was completely comfortable. No attitude, no bitchiness, just happy, talkative, laughing people having fun EXERCISING! I was blown away. Still am. But now, I am all paid up and signed for a 12 month commitment. The plan is that I will go three times per week for 30 minutes. I'm one of those people who can make a five minute conversation last for about an hour. Thirty minutes should be a breeze! The two girls at the front desk were sisters. They each lost about 60 pounds. Amazing. We Shall See. So, tomorrow I am off to purchase a new pair of athletic shoes for my new venture. Have to have CLEAN shoes to work on their dirty, worn outside type sneakers! Then, this weekend we'll be driving back to the cottage to pick up my little car, which we left there because I could only drive ONE car. That's ok, though. We will be able to stop at Dragonfly. The trip will be all worthwhile because of this!! And, I just found out that in the next town over, they have opened a new store called, Simply Scrapbooks. I am very psyched to check out that place. Next Week! For Sure.

Oh, can't forget to mention that I was cruising in the pumpkin patch today to pick a bunch for the front porch and I forgot my camera. Ugh. I hate it when that happens. And it was so nice the 70's. Am I really in Upstate NY? In mid-October???? Normally, we'd have snow!


laurie said...

years ago, i joined the YWCA. not the YMCA--that's where all the lycra-clad fitness fanatics worked out. but the YWCA. it was in an old brick building, and they had a little workout room, and whenever i went (usually over lunch, since it was only a block away from work) thre were the same four or five nice women there working out. they didn't work out very hard, and they chatted a lot, and they were warm and friendly, and i absolutely loved i.

i've never been to Curves, but i do think there really is something to the non-threatening women camaraderie that makes exercising much more fun.

good for you for this!

have FUN!

Kellan said...

I destest excercise myself. But, I have friends that belong to CURVES and love it. Good luck and have fun at the pumpkin patch (I need to get us some pumpkins - ). See ya.

Sandy said...

Oh, do have fun! I belong to our local Curves and, while I have not lost any weight, I do have firmer fat!

fiwa said...

Good for you! I hate exercising too, but I need to get back to it. I can tell I'm going to have the winter blues this year if I don't start doing something to motivate myself now.

Let us know what you think of it after you get started, I've always wondered how Curves works.

Joy T. said...

Congratulations on the first step!! I'm so glad to hear the place has nice women working there and the atmosphere is great. It doesn't seem like it but those things really matter. Can't wait to hear how it goes the first couple of weeks. Sore...achy...painful :o)

Sirdar said...

Great to hear that you made that decision. You will find that you feel so much better. Maybe not when you start..but you will. Congratulations!!

dawn said...

That is great. By next spring, you will be riding your bike there as a warm up, riding back as a cool down, and by summer you will be jogging there as a warm up, and jogging back as a cool down. You are so..going to be one of those. Way to go.