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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Whew....Back Home for Awhile

Posted below you will see many of the sites I saw today....gorgeous fall colors and sights of Henderson Harbor closing for the season...Chloe saying goodbye to her chipmunks, my scooter all packed up and headed home for the season and the view that I personally will miss most of all, the view of the lake from my kitchen table...hopefully it'll all be there when we return in the spring!!

OH! And, just in case anyone wonders....the new header today is a BABY picture of Chloe when she was just 9 weeks old and 3 pounds!


Sandy said...

What a beautiful place to have to leave. Gorgeous pictures - the only way I can tell the seasons are changing is that the blowing dust changes colors!

ChrisB said...

I love the header and all the photos.It must be so difficult to leave such beauty.

mjd said...

Lovely fall colors. I think that our trees are behind this year due unseasonable warmth. Your new header is wonderful.

laurie said...

what a gorgeous, gorgeous place.

and that chloe..irresistable.

we rent a cabin every fall. don't have one of our own. but i sure understand that need to get away to some beautiful and remote place.'

WorksForMom said...

WOW, how beautiful!! Isn't fall amazing!

PLEASE don't hate me (or ban me from your blog), but I've tagged you over at my blog.

Sirdar said... still have green leaves? Ours are now all golden/yellow...and on the ground.

ablondeblogger said...

Oh, that's so beautiful! And LOL @ Chloe! Don't you love it when they stretch out like that? She looks just like my Sophie...there and in your banner. Gorgeous!

Hey, does Chloe know better than to jump off the deck, and if so, when did she learn? Sophie would jump to her death if I let her.

She jumped off the arm of our couch the other day which was really high for her and she tries to jump off of stuff all the time and I have to stop her.

I want to let her wander upstairs but we have an open foyer and I'm scared to death that she's going to jump through the bars...ugh!

Give Chloe love, hugs and kisses from me!

dawn said...

Those are gorgeous photos. The nice thing about leaving the cabin is you can look forward to going back in spring.