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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gifts for under.....WHAT??

My husband came home from work tonight and told me that he needs a gift for LESS than TEN dollars. I said.....WHAT???????????????????? Apparently, a couple of the groups at work are getting together for the holidays and everyone who is going is expected to bring a little something for LESS than ten bucks.

That's pretty much unheard of these can't get much for ten dollars. So, being on a mission, I start researching...I am REALLY good at researching the crap out of something!!'s what I came up with. Maybe it will help save someone else some time...

* Gourmet coffees with a personal coffee cup
* Pistachios in a nice jar
* Journal with special inscription inside
* Teacup with box of herbal tea
* Homemade cocoa mix in a pretty jar
* Collage of special photos
* Gel pens and pretty stationary
* Bottle of sparkling cider
* Home baked bread, include recipe
* Basket filled with deli cheese and fruit
* Craft supplies
* Holiday serving bowl or platter
* Pretty basket filled with special jams or mustards
* Fancy chocolate bars tied with a ribbon
* Gardening gloves with a plant or flower seeds
* Photo album, hand decorated is even better
* Makeup bag
* Homemade cookie mix with instructions for baking
* Variety of bread mixes
* Special coffee cup filled with candy
* Gourmet popcorn and flavored oil
* Locally made barbeque or steak sauce with basting brush
* Pancake or waffle mix and a bottle of real maple syrup
* Jar of pure honey with biscuit mix
* Note cards and stamps
* Picture frames
* Specialty cookbook
* Pretty glass jar filled with candy
* Muffin mixes with muffin pan
* Books
* Tea Towels
* Basket filled with kitchen gadgets
* Video rental gift certificates
* Pepper mill and fresh peppercorns
* Handwritten copies of your favorite recipes
* For the pets, gourmet dog biscuits or cat treats
* Small clock or radio
* Pretty box for keepsakes
* Address book
* Christmas ornaments
* Flashlight with batteries
* Special soaps / lotions...Bath & Body Works type
* Home Made Cookies!


laurie said...

wow, that's an impressive list!

how about pretty teacups from an antique store? you can plant some ivy in one...

Sandy said...

or a piece or two of stemware with homemade cranberry jelly? a cinch to make with bottled juice and you can get the glasses for a song at Goodwill or St. Vinnie's...

alisonwonderland said...

good researching! :)

my daughter and i are trying to figure out something under $5 for a teenage boy from her high school band whom she doesn't even know ...

Robocop said...

Nice list. Go with the coffee.

ChrisB said...

you did a great job of researching those gifts!

I can see a few I wouldn't mind receiving!

lisa's chaos said...

That is quite the list! You DID research!

One of these days I'm going to end up swapping something with you so I can get one of your beautiful cards. Oh did you put homemade cards on your list cuz you could give a few of those as the gift. :)

theotherbear said...

I read the beginning of your post in my feed reader, and clicked over to give you suggestions. Of course on reading the rest of your post there is no way you need any suggestions at all!

jakelliesmom said...

An exhaustive list, to say the least. I would have said $10 Starbuck's gift card. : )

WorksForMom said...

Holy listness - those are all fantastic ideas! You must have earned MAJOR points for your research. :)

Kellan said...

Great list - lots of stuff for under $10.00 - way to go. See ya. Kellan

Dawn said...

That is a great list. They have that our my work as well, and it is amazing what people come up with. We have dollar stores here, so it is easy to buy a mug and some nice gourmet hot chocolate from Costco for under $10. There is a big bag of M & M's that were on sale last week, that could be combined with a dollar store stuffy too. A couple years ago, I did cake mix in a jar and something else. Last year there were many fleece throws with chocolates or hot chocolate as well.

Sirdar said...

Wow...I knew that things were a little cheaper down there but I had no idea you could get all that stuff all for $10. I think I'm moving....

Well...maybe not. I like being Canadian.....