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Saturday, January 12, 2008

OK Then...Let's Talk About...

COFFEE! A subject VERY near and dear to my own heart. I heart coffee. Seriously. I do. I drink it because I like the taste of it. I drink it black. No milk, cream, sugar, or anything else. Just Black. Plain Black Coffee. If I make it at home, I use Folgers Medium Blend. I can drink the flavored coffees....take 'em or leave 'em. But, I really, really like my Folgers Medium Blend coffee. I make it with two scoops of coffee. And I like it FRESH. FRESHLY Brewed!!! It has to be fresh. I will pour it down the drain and make a fresh pot if it isn't fresh.

Now. When I am out and about, I will purchase coffee at my favorite coffee spot. You will probably laugh at this! I prefer McDonalds coffee. Yep. Their Premium Blend Black Coffee. Oh, and Dunkin Donuts. They have good coffee also. Black. Only.

Starbucks, you say????? I like the frozen Frappucino ONLY! Any flavor. But FROZEN only. Starbucks HOT coffee. YUCK! It is WAAAAAAAYYYYYY tooooooooo bitter for me. If I drank it in the bathroom I'd probably be all right. Well. Maybe not. :)

Years ago, when I worked in downtown Rochester, I worked in a highrise building that was connected to a shopping mall. Each and every day at 10am or so....I'd take a hike out to the coffee cart...Seattle's Best had set up for us die-hard coffee drinkers. They DID make good coffee! But, at that time I was into the capuccino stuff. Of course, I was making the big bucks then!!

The coffee debate has recently hit the National News as seen here.

Give me my McDonalds Coffee ANY old day!!! Or, second choice...Dunkin Donuts!

And....what coffee do you enjoy?????


Simply Jenn said...

Anything that is super sweetened so that it doesn't taste like coffee at all. It also has to be flavored and decaf.

Sorry. My husband tells me I insult the whole point of coffee. I know, I do.

fiwa said...

Hi - I am making my blog private today, because of some stalkers from work, and I found out that if you want to continue reading I have to send you an invitation by email. Sorry, I thought I could add your blogspot but it doesn't work that way. If you want to continue reading send me an email at

PS, I love coffee, but I can't drink it anymore, *WAH*. It gives me heartburn. I secretly agree with you about starbucks, but don't tell anyone, cuz in the pacific northwest, that could getcha lynched. ;)

Nina said...

Dunkin Donuts, milk, no sugar.

Sandy said...

Yep, Starbucks is 50 miles away. We don't have Dunkin' Donuts. I don't own a coffeepot even though I drink about 8 cups a day. I LOVE Taster's Choice instant. I know. It's a sickness. My coffee, though, is ALWAYS fresh. When I am out? McDonald's. It's just good. Oh, and I drink mine black!

laurie said...

i only drink coffee in the morning. first thing. 5:30 a.m. with a LOT of cream, which doug heats up in the microwave so it doesn't chill the coffee.

i have one huge mug, and then i am pretty much done for the day. green tea after that.

in the old days, i drank coffee day and night. but it's been a while since i've done that.

Anonymous said...

I do like my coffee as well, and I agree with you that McDonald's makes good coffee, and I like the bran muffins too, because they have a good flavour, aren't too cake like and seem to actually have bran, not just look like it like other place's bran muffins. I do like my coffee strong and dark roast. I drink mine black as well. The one thing I have discovered is Americanos. They are expresso in water and are very smooth although a dark strong coffee drink. It is something worth trying at Starbucks if you are stuck with getting a regular coffee from there. Americanos are not bitter like regular dark roasts of which some are terribly bitter. I prefer the Americanos at Second Cup and I just love them at a local place that doesn't serve decaf so makes them for those that ask for decaf (just weaker). I buy the Starbucks Expresso beans from Costco and grind my own and just use that in my regular coffee maker. It makes a good rich cup of coffee that isn't bitter like the medium blend French roast stuff they have at Costco.
Wonderful post.

Robocop said...

I miss drinking Chock full o'Nuts coffee. As for take out coffee, Dunkin Donuts rules!

lisa's chaos said...

Mocha Frappicino only for me, ever. :)

Nap Warden said...

I am a tea girl...with one spoonful of sugar and a bit of milk:)

coffespaz said...!! I love Starbucks, but it is just too expensive so that is a rare treat! Dunks aka Dunkin Donuts suits me just fine. I love their lattes and flavored coffees the best. The regular stuff seem to always upset my tummy. Think I'll go down and make a cup!