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Monday, January 14, 2008

What IS This World Coming To?

I honestly cannot believe someone could even think of doing something like this...let alone actually DOING it. This is just awful. Just terrible. And the reason I don't watch the news much anymore. It is entirely too depressing.

By GARRY MITCHELL, Associated Press Writer
Sun Jan 13, 3:34 PM ET
2nd body found in Ala. search for 4 kids

A second body was recovered Sunday in the search for four children allegedly thrown from a coastal bridge by their father, the sheriff said.

The body was found by a search team near where a duck hunter found the body of an infant about five miles west of the bridge in a marshy area on Saturday, said Mobile County sheriff's Sgt. Jerry Taylor.

The search for the children — ranging in age from a few months to 3 years — began Tuesday near the mouth of Mobile Bay after prosecutors said the father, Lam Luong, confessed.

The children's mother, 23-year-old Kieu Phan, had gone with Luong to report them missing Monday evening.

"The inevitable nightmare we have feared has now been confirmed," Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran said Saturday. "We believe, certainly now, that the father of these children threw these children off the Dauphin Island bridge."

Cochran said searchers using sonar technology saw images Friday that they believed were three bodies, but the currents were so strong the divers were unable to get to the location.

Divers re-entered the water Saturday and worked until darkness forced them out of the water without finding the other three bodies. Authorities expanded the search zone westward toward Pascagoula, Miss., believing that the strong currents may have moved the bodies in that direction. The search resumed Sunday morning.

Luong, 37, a shrimp boat worker who lives in Irvington, was being held without bond on four counts of capital murder. If convicted, he could be sentenced to death or life in prison without parole.

District Attorney John Tyson Jr. said Luong had confessed to throwing Ryan Phan, 3, Hannah Luong, 2, Lindsey Luong, 1, and Danny Luong, 4 months, off the three-mile-long bridge after an argument with his wife.

Luong later recanted, claiming two Asian women took the children and never returned them. But a witness saw Luong on the 80-foot-tall two-lane bridge with the children, and another saw him leave the area without the children, Cochran said Friday.

Luong's appointed attorney, Joe Kulakowski, met with Luong on Saturday and did not immediately return a phone message for comment.


ablondeblogger said...

Oh my gosh, that is just so awful. Those poor babies. My gosh. I want to hold them and love them and comfort them, but I guess the angels are doing that for them now. So, so, sad. :(

ablondeblogger said...

On a lighter, note, I found another blogger with a Bichon just now. Check it out:

Simply Jenn said...

How awful, that is EXACTLY why I don't watch the news. I rely on people around me to tell me essential, non-upsetting news.

Sandy said...

I know that I need to keep abreast of what is happening in the world. I'm not sure that news storied that, back in the day, would have been of local interest at best, need to be spread everywhere as they are. Don't get me wrong. My heart breaks for those children and for the people who loved them. My question, I guess, is what makes news news.

My prayers are with the family.

Mommy of Many said...

This is a good example of why we need to pump up our prayers. Yikes! Poor babies!

lisa's chaos said...

:( That's just horrible!

Anonymous said...

That is terrible and happens way too often. It is a crazy world.

Another someone with a bichon is Hayden at Lyric Flight (in my blog roll). She has a photo of him today.

Joy T. said...

I swear the world is getting crazier by the minute and this just proves me right. It's too sad for words the fear those three babies must have had at the hands of their own parent.

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Yes it is unfortunate. What makes me mad is that he had an argument with his wife and so killed the kids in the aftermath. This has been happening one too many times and is not just exclusive to North America. Truly sad. I don't think life without parole is going to cut it for him.

tiger lamb girl said...

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Anonymous said...

That is such a sad story. I don't understand it nor can I fathom doing that to my children. I think it would be frightening to see what that father was thinking at the time.