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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Letting our Pets "Smell the Roses" - WARNING!

Dangers in your Garden

Whether bringing your pet to a bed and breakfast or resort that has its own garden (or just beginning your own spring
gardening), be careful when you’re letting your pet "smell the roses".

Always watch for groundskeepers spraying pesticides or other materials. Let your pets on to the treated area only after sprays have dried -- or even the next day, suggested the Professional Lawn Care Association of America, based in Marietta, Georgia. Dry granular pesticides being used? Wait until the dust has settled to let your pet roam.

Beyond that, even some common plants are toxic to most animals, according to the American Animal Hospital Association, a Denver-based professional organization for veterinarians. The organization suggests keeping your pets away from several plants, including:

* Avocado
Fatal to birds, this plant's leaves, seeds, stems and skin are considered a cardiovascular toxin. It also can cause kidney or organ failure.

* Amaryllis
A showy flower, whether striped or solid white. Yet, its bulb is considered a gastrointestinal and neurological toxin.

* Autumn crocus (Colchicum autumnale)
These pretty, petite flowers are considered very poisonous, not to mention a cardiovascular and gastrointestinal toxin.

* Azalea
A lovely bush filled with flowers. Yet, it's a cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and neurological toxin for animals.

* Begonia
A pretty flower to people, but potentially fatal to pets. Can cause kidney or organ failure.

* Castor bean
A shrub-like plant with clustered seed pods, this African native is potentially fatal if chewed.

* Foxglove (Digitalis)
One of its nicknames -- Dead Men's Bells -- is a clue that this bell-shaped, tubular flower can be fatal.

* Hydrangea
A hardy, showy shade-loving flower, the plant contains cyanide.

* Jack-in-the-pulpit
Usually found in the woods, this flowering plant can cause kidney or organ failure.

* Lantana
Its clusters of tiny flowers attract butterflies, yet the plant can cause liver failure in pets.

* Lily of the valley
Known for sweet-smelling flowers, yet potentially fatal to pets.

* Oleander
Its pastel flowers make it a popular bush, yet it's very poisonous and can be fatal to pets.

* Philodendron
Big, leafy, green and showy, this plant can cause kidney or organ failure in animals.

* Poinsettia
The famous Christmas plant can bring on dermatitis in animals. It's also a gastrointestinal toxin.

* Rhubarb leaves
Can cause kidney or organ failure in animals.

* Rosary Pea
A slender vine with pea-shaped pods, this plant can be fatal if chewed.

* Scheffelera (a.k.a. umbrella plant)
This leafy green -- and often indoor -- plant can cause kidney or organ failure.

* Yew
A tree or ornamental plant with needle-like foliage, it is fatal to most animals.
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Joy T. said...

Wow, I guess our animals really our like children when it comes to keeping certain things up and away from them. A great list!

ChrisB said...

There are some there that I was unaware of!!

Hayden said...

rhubarb leaves can be fatal to humans, too! In fact, most of the list looked like things 4-leggeds and 2-leggeds should keep out of their mouths!

Brenda said...

Most of those plants are fatal to humans too aren't they? I have to caution the kids when they have chocolate so they won't feed any to Ya-Ya (who squawks for a bite of anything anyone is eating).

Katya said...

What a great compilation!

I have a Scottie friend in Utah...her hubby allowed their Scottie to lick a little bit of Guacamole from his fingers...the poor pup was POISONED! Yikes! He was okay, but how terrible for them to have to endure such a seemingly innocent thing!

Our pets really are so dependant upon us to keep them protected. Sometimes it seems like an insurmountable task, but well worth being in the know! Thanks for sharing!

dawn said...

That is a great list and there were many I didn't know about. I have a small avocado tree but it is out of reach of the pets. I knew about the rhubarb. This would be a great list for someone with a hit list;-). Not that I know anyone like that.

science for kids said...

I had no idea that so many of the plants around my home were that dangerous to my dog. Thank you for letting me know.