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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Invasion of the BEES!!

I am disappointed that I don't have pictures to illustrate this post. Last night, my husband noticed bees swarming around the roof of our house. I'm not talking about a couple of bees. I am talking about HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of freakin' bees!!! These are not your average, friendly, bees. These are the lean and your house...kind of bees!!!!! We had had some problems with those huge black & yellow bumblebees actually making holes right through the cedar in the front of our house. There are lots and lots of perfectly shaped holes made by these bees. Well, we tried some stuff called, I think, Seven???? Lots of dead black things lying around, so thinking we took care of that problem....YAY!

Until last night. When B saw the SWARMS!! So, he started spraying again for about an hour. I've been busy inside all day packing and really haven't given the bees another thought. First thing B says when he gets home....did you check out the bee situation today?? Uh Nope. Hadn't even thought about it. We step back out onto the porch. HOLY C O W !!!!! I mean Y I K E S!!! There are TENS of MILLIONS of those bees. couldn't even see part of the front of our house, because it was covered in LAYERS of bees. So, off I go back INTO the house. B stays outside spraying the poison that we hope is going to kill these freakin things.

What is it with us and bees? Last year we had an underground bees nest under a giant rock in our front yard at the cottage. B ended up lighting a rag on fire and stuffing the rag under the rock and BURNING the crap out of the nest.

I left shortly thereafter. When I return home, I hope that they are G O N E!! It has been very, very hot, humid, and hazy here. Thank God for air conditioning. Asthma and Humidity is a very bad combination. They actually had Air Quality Warnings posted on the road tonight. Never seen that before. Checking out for now, guys. Meish and J are coming to visit tomorrow and I must get going.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!


ChrisB said...

I think I would have been freaking out if my house was covered in bees. I hope you managed to get it under control and the poison did the trick!

CrystalChick said...

I wandered off to make a phone call... I forgot to log off so when I came back to my computer, your page was still up. Oops. Wasn't stalking or anything being here like an hour or something. LOL

Wow, that is some bee situation. From a dream standpoint I found this info:
Dream Interpretation
Bee, bees

In a positive sense, bees represent fertile and productive processes and symbolize industriousness and the way you organize your life. Dreaming of many bees flying together means that you will work productively and hard, but you can look forward to a "good harvest". Watching a bee collecting honey means a more deeper bond in a love relationship. Getting stung by a bee: there will be great changes in your life.

Have a nice weekend. It hasn't been too bad weather wise here but now it's to be high 90's this weekend/next week with heat index to 100 or more. ICK!

Abbreviated said...

Thanks for visiting me wee blog !

aims said...

Now that is weird!

I had one wall in the barn that was a beehive when I first moved here. I was the one who had to take them out when the winter came. All the males around? Hiding. Typical huh?

That Chick Over There said...

I HATE bees! My dog, Ginger, always tries to catch them and I'm terrified she's going to get stung.

Stupid bees.

Joy T. said...

The only thing I could think of while reading this was....Mushu. Oh lord, that poor dog would have to be hospitalized if he walked out of the house and saw that!! Have you looked into this? Why are they swarming your home like that?? Now I'm intrigued!

WT said...

Whole lee shit!!! I would have freaked out.

As I was writing this comment, Bentley snuck in under the desk and laid deadly fart. Too bad I can't send him to you, those suckers would be dead in no time!!

Jeezuz it stinks in here!!!!

Brenda said...

Are they bumble bees? The big black and yellow ones? That many of those would freak me out too!

ablondeblogger said...

Ugh! I feel for you! In our last house, we were eating breakfast in our kitchen which had a bump out bay window/door area with an overhang.

We could hear this buzzing sound and my husband realized the bees had gotten into a vent on the overhang and were in the ceiling above us. Creepy! (He bravely sprayed in there and killed them...I was afraid they'd kill him first, lol)

lisa marie said...

You do get to have some bee experiences don't ya?! Ouch. Are they gone now?