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Friday, October 31, 2008

Have a Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Safety Tips for Dog Families

Did you know that Halloween is the most dangerous holiday for dogs?!?

More dogs die or run away from home on Halloween than any other holiday!

Here are some ideas to help keep YOUR dog safe on Halloween:

1) Beware of the candy!

Keep it in sealed containers and out of reach of your dog. If your dog can get to it, he will! Remember that chocolate … even in small amounts … can be deadly to some dogs. Empty candy wrappers can be just as dangerous to your dog. He will go after those wrappers and they can get stuck in the digestive track and make him ill or cause death, so be sure your trash is not accessible to your pet. Be sure to remind your kids not to share their treats with the family pets!

2) Carefully choose a costume!

It is best to leave your dog at home when you go trick-or-treating. But if your dog is going trick or treating with you, the best costume for your dog is simply a holiday bandana. Be careful of any costumes that restrict your dog’s vision. Dogs depend upon their peripheral vision to know what is going on around them. Even the nicest of dogs can get snippy if unable to see what’s around him. Plus be sure any costume doesn’t hang down to the ground, causing your dog to stumble. Also be sure your dog’s costume is fire retardant in case your dog comes into contact with pumpkins lit with candles, luminaries, etc.

If you do take your dog with you while trick-or-treating, be prepared at all times and maintain constant control of your dog. Don't let your dog go to the door of a house. Stay aware of your surroundings! Dogs don't understand that the person jumping out at you saying "Boo!" won't hurt you. The dog may think he/she needs to protect you, and may act aggressively towards that person (whether adult or child).

3) Watch the decorations!

Make sure all decorations are out of your dog’s reach. Beware of small and shiny objects that will attract your dog, who will want to chew it. You don’t want to end the night with a trip to an emergency vet hospital!

4) Best thing to do: Keep your dog in a safe place!

Halloween is a very anxious time for most dogs. Lots of doorbells ringing, kids screaming “Trick or Treat”, doors constantly being opened and closed, and lots of activity (and candy) that can lead to trouble. On top of that, many families love dressing up their dog, but the dog doesn't really like it. From the excitement and added stress, dogs often escape from their homes on Halloween, or may bite a child who comes to your door, or eats a basket of candy. There are so many ways a bad thing can happen to your pet that afternoon or evening!

So put your dog in a safe place in your home … or at least on a leash that you hold onto each time the door is opened. And be sure your dog is wearing ID tags .... just in case.

Have a ghoulishly fun .... and SAFE ... Halloween!


swampy said...

Wonderful information.

Dog lovers are special people and you have just proven how VERY special you are. Thank you.

Bubba and Bug will be home dressed in their own fur and collars...sleeping and snoring.

Brenda said...

Great information! We all know the safety rules for toddlers and often forget to make sure our pets are safe (they're so much like toddlers too, only better behaved!)

P.S. Click to enlarge my Jack picture, it's frost. You'd hear me screaming all the way up where you live if we had snow in October. :-)

klynch said...

great tips! I've never been boo'd before or now and did not know of such things till I went to visit a grilfriend and she was talking about it but I don't live in a comunity like she does.

lisaschaos said...

Great tips! Hope you have a safe Halloween and the doggies have some great treats! :)

Donna said...

Wonderful and useful tips sweetie!! Have a Safe night!!hughugs

Kellan said...

Happy Halloween, Jeanne - and have a good weekend - Kellan

Katya said...

Well, our little Angus went with Mark for a ride in the truck. The kids have friends over till 9, so Mark and Angus left! Murphy is sound asleep upstairs.

One reminder is to NEVER allow our pets anywhere NEAR sugar-free gum. Gum containing Xylitol (I think that is the culprit) can kill a dog in short order. Dogs cannot process the chemical. I shiver at the very thought.....

Hope your evening is going well!

PS. I REALLY need to talk to you about how to "decorate" a blog!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me to keep the dogs safe. I've got Beauty and the Beast in their kennels in the basement with the TV turned on so they don't get upset by the doorbell tonight...

Anonymous said...

The dogs survive Halloween. I almost did not. Come see why I should not be allowed to do crafts...

A Spot of T said...

Great post! I wasn't home last nigh but Gregg said Mushu did great. He locked him in the mudroom. Jerk. Although it was probably best because Mushu gets very very excited with all the trick or treaters.