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Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Life Will Never Be The Same Again...

Can I just say that I am losing my sanity? Slowly, but surely, this day has been creeping up on me.

It is now official.

My husband is retiring.

I have been home for ten years and my dogs.

And now....

My Life Will Never Be The Same Again.

I need assistance. Prayers. Karma. Energy. Whatever you believe in. Send it to me please.

I am Losing My Sanity.

Any Advice?


WT said...

You don't need Prayers. Karma. (or) Energy. You need two house. Oh wait you already have two, then my advice is "take one each"

Katya said...

Well, the advice above is funny! And there are time when it really WILL seem like the most sensible thing to do!!!!!

However, it needn't be bad! My situation is different, as Mark cannot do a lot of things because of paraplegia. (it REALLY stinks!) One thing I would do is start a long "honey-do" list of things that need attention. Also, make sure he has a hobby he enjoys so you can work on your cards while he does his "thing"!

Plan lunches with friends.

Take long walks together. (I REALLY miss this one!) It seems like long walks put us at ease and we can talk and just enjoy one another's company! Plus, the little girlies would love this, too!!!

It needn't be a bad time. It is great to just be a bit compulsive...I mean to wake up and say "Let's go shopping!" and you are out the door together! Also, you will find having hubby around really nice some days when everyone else is driving you nuts and he gives you some balance!!!!!

Creativity, my girl! Creativity!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's scary. No advice from me since I haven't gone down that road yet.

Brenda said...

Find him a hobby! Preferably one that will take him away from the house on a daily basis. If that doesn't work you have my prayers.

lisaschaos said...

Oh no and oh good - I'm sure you guys will get into a routine and it will be good but at first it will be difficult for the two of you. He will get bored and you will long for more time to do your crafts, but over time he will find things to occupy himself, heck maybe he'll make cards too. :)

A Spot of T said...

WT beat me to what I was going to suggest. It's worked wonders for Gregg and I for 22 years now. Because I assure you one of us would be murdered by now if it weren't for two homes.

In all seriousness I'm thinking of you here. It is not easy to adjust when they are home all of a sudden and full time. To be honest I can't even imagine...and neither can Gregg because we've talked about it. As lonely as I am at times I guess I'm secretly thankful he's a workaholic.

And I got your email and will be replying soon!

avtcoach said...

I love the new look the red is terrific! Very festive! My advice comes from having seen parents and other friends retire. My husband is not far behind as he is 10 years older. But, being the structured organizer type A that I am I have been thinking about the retirement thing since my 20s. Never to early to prepare!:):) Here is what I have learned from my oldest friends.
When we are used to defining our existance by the work we do outside of the home the transition can be difficult. Although travel appears 1st on many lists, there is only so much most can do on retirement funds. You have to find things that make you feel purposeful and that give your life meaning. You my friend have many including your wonderful blog. Unfortunately You won't be able to pick your husband's hobby or activity that gives his life meaning and he won't be able to get it by osmosis from what you do. So...make some lists together if it is hard for him or give him a nudge to think about it..then, have a flow to your days and what you do and you will need to keep alot of it and then find some time to do things together. I wish you peace in your household, calmness and patience in the transition and my special prayer will be that he finds some things that will make him feel his life is not retiring but retraining for something wonderful and meaningful!! Keep us posted and enjoy these years with your wonderful man!

Caroline said...

Oh gosh! LOL! I kind of know the feeling... I am a SAHM and the days hubby works from home...I want to pull my hair out! I need my space. I am stubborn, too! So when hubby asks for lunch...I look at him and say...on your own dear...I only do dinner. I swear, what is it with men sometimes.

Honestly, it will be'll get into your rythm. The first few weeks may be bumpy...

Sending lot's of good energy your way!

spread your wings said...

i've been single for some time now and it's the thought of someone in my space that really scares me away from getting married again, BUT I would like a companion at times. I admire my parents relationship - they both have their own hobbies (woodworking and painting) and stay very busy even in their 80s now and still get along beautifully. I wish for that kind of relationship.
I'm sure you two have a beautiful relationship too and it will just take time to adjust to the retirement phase. Embrace it.

Joanna said...

Chocolate and a really long honey-do list that will last him for years. Okay I'm no help. Good luck!