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Friday, January 16, 2009

My Take on the Visit to the Mall...

My husband, who all of you know, has just recently retired, decided that we needed to spend some time at the mall today to pick up a particular present for a particular person's birthday. Now, HIS idea and MY idea of going shopping at the mall are two totally different ideas. He goes directly to the mall entrance closest to the EXACT store that he will be shopping in....drops me off and goes to park the car. He drops me off when it is minus ten degrees outside and I can't freakin' breathe!! He parks the car and comes directly into the mall. We go DIRECTLY to the one store that he has chosen to purchase his ONE item at. We purchase the one item. Now, he wants me to just pay for the one item and walk directly back to the exit and go home.

I, on the other hand, decide that IF he wants my opinion at the particular store that he has chosen we go to, then we have to play by my rules. Well....a little bit anyway. They are having a sale! If you think that I'm going to set foot outside the store without shopping this got another thing comin' buddy!! So, I have to pick up a "few" things. I mean...c'mon....they WERE on SALE!! OK, so I cut my browsing time down to about ten minutes. I think in total, I purchased about eight items. VERY good sale....I might add!!

Now, this particular store that we found the sale in just happens to be located directly across from the Coach store. I heart Coach. So, I just HAVE to peruse the store quickly....well, relatively speaking.

By this time, I am we have to go and sit down and have a drink! No food court for way. I prefer the ENTIRE mall experience. Oh, and on the way to the restaurant....we just had to browse the bargain DVD bin....and I got a great deal on a movie!

I simply do not understand kids' today. They have absolutely NO idea what Customer Service actually is. Don't EVEN get me started on that one.

Now, if every day could be like today.....retirement might not be that bad! I think I can handle my husband's new "profession".

Something tells me. It is just wishful thinking.

Got any brilliant ideas for us....for another field trip??


Caroline said...

I think you may fare better at the movies..LOL. I only go to the mall alone...the kids whine the whole time and my hubby constantly checks his watch, drives me crazy!

A Spot of T said...

Gregg and I will go to the mall and he walks 100 mph to get where he's going. I have longer legs then him yet no way can I keep up. So to show my ignorance when he gets that far ahead of me...I duck into a store....and wait. Sure enough a few minutes later, I'll see him wandering by the store looking for his wife. Mess with me will you.

And Coach??!! I love it to the moon and back. As a matter of fact that was one of my birthday presents....a gorgeous Coach purse. Which I'm not to ashamed to say, I sit and stare at all the time. It makes my heart go pitter patter :o)

Drive-thru said...

I use to like going to the more. I do not have the patience to be there going through dozens of stores, looking for sales or deals. Maybe I should explain why in one of my posts.

Anonymous said...

LOL... I think you're trip down south is going to be wonderful for both of you. Either that or you'll kill each other, it will be a good test of "togetherness"! The Mall was a start!

ChrisB said...

Reading this so reminds me of shopping trips with my hubby. In fact he asked me if I wanted to go to our Mall today as he needed refills for his pens. I declined because I knew I wouldn't get time to browse. He was gone hours and said he'd bumped into people he knew and had been chatting!

aims said...

Guess I'm lucky. In fact - I know I am.

The Man loves to shop. He's a far better shopper than I'll ever be. So saying - let's go do some shopping is probably the best motivator for him.

Malls and stores in other countries - he's packed and ready to go.

Bargains - pffft. Hardly a one gets by him!

Me? I've been in retail nearly all my life in some way or the other. I hate shopping unless I'm with The Man. I will not do it unless he's with me.

So there you go.

Katya said...

Mark and I were at a mall today! Since I think I recently discovered I no longer know how to relax anymore, I find shopping so uncomfortable! I worry about wasting time and I just can never dig through, looking for bargains. If they aren't there, slapping me in the face, I miss 'em! It's okay...I just let everyone else do the shopping thing and I wait for them! Maybe that *is* my relaxation! Oh, and I do get to do the grocery shopping...oh JOY!

dawn said...

I am not always fond of shopping with Sirdar. We used to go BK and hang at the mall. When we go now, he still likes to go if it is a store he likes and if we are in a different store, he tries not to check his watch or look bored but sometimes it's there. At this point in life, we go separately most of the time, but I can see a time we will go a lot together and it won't be too bad; at least he is okay with going to do his thing while I do mine, then meeting back somewhere.