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Friday, February 6, 2009

Road Trip Reality...The Beginning

My days are filled with planning and scheduling and cleaning and organizing. Trying to get all the things done that we need to get done before we leave. All three dogs have to go to the vet, get all their shots and meds for the trip. My doctor visits and meds all have to be planned out for the duration as we'll be all over the place this year. We really won't be in one place for very long! Some places a day, some places two or three days, some five days, some fourteen days, then maybe a month or so, then maybe two months, then back to the shorter two-three week or maybe six week trip!!

Look at it this way!! My blog might actually be an interesting read this least there will be photographs from all sorts of different locations! I simply cannot wait to see THE BEACH!!

I am trying very, very hard not to get overwhelmed. Stress causes me to become quite ill. And I certainly do not want that. Do NOT want to be on the road somewhere out in the middle of nowhere and need a doctor. Although when I saw him this week, I did get his approval if I need to call him from North Dakota!!

We have managed to get the majority of our paperwork completed. Now we have many house and cottage things that need to be taken care of. I sure hope that the weather cooperates.

It would be a bit of a problem if we couldn't get the RV out of the backyard as it is currently buried under three feet of snowdrifts! Ah....but the temps are supposed to be in the forties this weekend. Then...back to the teens later in the week. Let's just hope it continues to get warmer. I don't relish the idea of digging an eighty zillion pound vehicle out of the mounds of mud that will be in our yard!! Besides, we can't cancel. They have already taken our deposits. I was surpised that immediately upon hanging up the phone, many of the places I booked, had already deducted the $$$ out of our account!!

And to top it off...I threw my back out while we were out getting a burger for lunch today! Who does that??

I'm just really hope that the damn palmetto bugs stay the hell away from us!!

Really.....I'm still worried about those things.


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous's an adventure I'de like to take someday and I'm almost excited as you are, just to see your pics! Here's what I want to do someday too... steal a knome or a flamingo or little sculpture out of an unsuspecting persons yard as I leave town, mark down their address and send them touristy pics of (flamingo) along the trip. Then when returning, set it back on their lawn! Relax and enjoy, how often to you get to do something like this.. -

lisaschaos said...

You will have a great time! And we will too, through you. :)

Hubs is really pushing to go to Florida next month, we'll see. :)

Donna said...

HAHahaaa...Stop it!!!! You are going to have a Wonderful time!!!!
Everything will get done, I promise...Now Go Forth...and Enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL!... yes, I'll come visit you in jail if you're caught pink-handed with the flamingo. I'll even bail you out. I think you should do it.. how long before you leave... start looking around for something minor that you can snatch..and ofcourse return when YOU return. Believe me, the people will LOVE getting postcards from their (knome? Goose? flamingo? Little dog statue) Hope they don't read the comments on your blog, ofcourse.

RockstarJen said...

sounds like a fun adventure! looking forward to all the great stories. i hope your back feels better soon. that's never fun.

Relyn said...

Thinking of you as you prepare and wishing you a fabulous time.

Katya said...

Aw, Jeanne! Relax, relax, RELAX!!!!
I used to get so worked up about trying to remember everything. Then one day, I realized IF I did forget something, it isn't the end of the world! Living in a high tech world, we can straighten things out fairly easy. Just don't forget the pups...or your hubby!
I used to fret so, but after thinking about things, I realized that every mistake CAN be undone. Now, I have turned into a mellow sort..I do really need to concentrate on relaxing, though.

Oh, and don't worry about the bugs. Take it from one who is allergic to (of all things!) mosquito bites!!!!! Relax, relax..everything will be terrific!
And when you feel pressure building up, take a warm bath and just think about warm and sunny beaches!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have quite the trip planned out. Look forward to the updates on the trip.

WT said...

So I take it you're Felix Unger to the cranky old fart's Oscar Madison.

aims said...

I get so incredibly anxious before a trip I can hardly stand myself.

Doing what needs to be done beforehand helps keep that at bay a bit. Once we pull out of the driveway I am usually fine. But getting out of the driveway is just hard work for me. I hate it!

I think you'll find - like me - that a lot of the medical stuff resolves or fades while you are at the BEACH! Just being away like that makes you feel better.

I totally totally get everything you are saying and doing. I love to travel like this and we often only spend a day or park a night here and there - moving on to another adventure the next day!

Hope your back feels better. Been thinking about that since you told me about it. Ouch!

Also - so glad you get to take your pets with you. So much better than leaving them behind.

Brenda said...

Take bug spray (and a fly swat for those really big bugs).
Take an umbrella (you have to cover the weather you know).
Take yourself and your hubby and puppies,
And have a great time! We'll be expecting LOTS of photos!