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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Don't Forget....the Time Change!

How could we possibly forget.

We LOSE an hour of sleep.

Back later with finished pics of Ben's latest woodworking project!!

Have a great weekend!


Coffespaz said...

Love the new look! I haven't been around in a while and I hope I didn't miss something significant and you are okay (referring to post March 6). I miss the beach sometimes, I grew up in Va Beach and spent a great deal of time on the water. Its very relaxing and meditative for me. As I grew older, when things got to be a bit much for me to handle, I would often go to my favorite spot and meditate on the issues in my head. It was wonderful to breath that salt air, feel the warmth of the sun and cool ocean breeze. I think the best part is that same spot is where I got engaged!! :-)

sirdar said...

I wish they would get rid of Daylight Savings time...or just keep to one time. We don't mind daylight until close to 11pm in the summer, but we really don't need it.

Katya said...

Ugh! I hate playing with the clocks! Ah well....

Cannot wait to see the next wood project!

Honeygo Beasley said...

We had hoped to play tennis today - but the day got away from us and now it's tennis for tomorrow and today was spent Spring Cleaning. We'll be turning the clocks ahead (Spring Forward) and getting ready for the longer days ... yey!

I LIVE for the spring.

Have a nice weekend, and we look forward to seeing the woodwork photos!