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Sunday, March 22, 2009

South Carolina

Yes, we did make it to South Carolina! And we sure are enjoying what we are seeing!! We have a great spot right on the ocean and we'll be staying here for a while this time! A couple of weeks means I can actually unpack some of my cabinets and figure out where the hell I put some of that food that I packed.

I love living in this small space. It is not bothering me or my husband. Which is a surprise. We live in a very large home...of about five thousand square feet. And we are currently living in about 430 square feet. Quite a difference...but I kind of like it! Yes, it does take some getting used to. The Easy Bake Oven is a challenge sometimes as it is quite small. The upside is that this place is very easy to clean up!! I had to laugh when we went to the little grocery store here on site today and even the boxes of spaghetti and the cans were teeny tiny! My tiny little kitchen sink took a bit of adjustment as well, but I worked it out. I can live with this! The people here have been very friendly. Fortunately there are alot of dogs here.

The girlz are loving their golf car am I!! With 4,000 sites, this place is pretty freakin' huge. And the timing is very bad with my latest injury. I have a torn meniscus in my knee and walking has been very, very painful. I have spent most of the last week with my foot elevated and alternating between heat patches, ice packs, pain name it, I have tried it! The pain has put a serious dent in our sightseeing. We do not have a car, and we are making do with the golf car for now. It's working well as I can prop my left foot up while driving with my right foot. They do not go very fast....they are set to go TEN miles per hour. That's slower than my scooter!! But, because my scooter is gas, they will not allow it in the park. It is about a mile from our site to the front gate, and with my inability to walk at the moment, the golf car was the only way to go!!

They have a great little restaurant with different grilled meals here on the premises....we had shrimp baskets tonight that were great!! The temps here are quite cold for this time of year in SOUTH is thirty nine degrees here right now and there is a frost warning!! We don't care. At least we are sitting a stone's throw from the beach.

I close with a few of our latest pics...


Katya said...

Oh, I am so sorry about your knee! That is terrible, indeed. I hope it straightens out and heals up quickly!!!

I LOVE living in the camper when we go out. Even though four of us are kinda "crunched", it is, like you said, much easier to clean. Plus, everyone spends more time outdoors most of the time. Campers are also bright and cheerful and that makes my mood better! hahaha

That campground sounds great. It would seem like there is a lot to see and do.

Thirty-nine degrees isn't too bad. Better than the teens! Rest that leg and have some fun, too!!!!

Anonymous said...

..LOVE the pic of your husband with the dog, is that LOVE or what... and jeez, hope it warms up for you.

silvieon4 said...

So you snuggle with your daddy too!. My daddy has a beard and I like to bury my face into it! Have you sniffed out the ocean yet? You look like you are having fun.

Momma says time will heal your momma's knee, but tell her to take it easy.

Anonymous said...

OUCH! Sorry to hear about the knee, but glad to hear you like South Carolina.

Brenda said...

If you keep heading south you'll find some balmy weather soon. I sure hope your knee gets better soon, you've got to take a stroll on the beach!

Daryl said...

Sorry to hear your knee is putting a crimp in the sightseeing but I bet there are a lot of good photo ops right there ..

WT said...

Too bad about the knee, hope it gets better.

PS. I love living in campers too, although mine was a lot smaller than yours. Actually I'm looking at getting another (a bit bigger this time).

Pamela said...

torn meniscus is what forced the gal on Dancing With The Stars to leave.
(Not Jewel, the other blond one from the gossip TV show - her name escapes me)