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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Coastal Georgia!

Finished up our Coastal Georgia trip with a freakin' ton of tornado warnings and major rain....over eight inches in just THREE days!! Saw a whole lot of the inside of the RV during those days!!

I have not done a very good job with keeping up with blogging while on this trip....hopefully will do better as time goes on! We also had some electrical problems at the site in was running at very low voltage, so running the A/C and the coffee maker at the same time did not work!! We were extremely fortunate that it didn't damage the RV's electrical system!! Now that we've hooked up in a new park....seems to be ok. Let's hope so!


Katya said...

This looks like a pretty site! I like trees!!!

Tornado warnings....ARGH! That would be a bit disconcerting, to say the least!

That is too bad about the electric. Remember the year the grid went down in the northeast? We were at a campground not too far from Toronto! They were only without power about 4 hours, so it wasn't bad.

I hope things settle down for you so you can relax and enjoy some good weather!

Donna said...

Boy! That would have been Expensive!!! Glad ya'll got it figured out!!hughugs

Anonymous said...

Hope the weather clears up. See, if you had just come to Colorado, you would have only had to deal with the occasional thunderstorm and blizzard happening all at the same time...

lisaschaos said...

Even the doggies look like they're having fun!

Pamela said...

they ARE happy lookin' pooches!

You're really putting the bug in me to do some traveling. Now to figure out how to finance the whole deal. May I borrow your RV? Thanks. ha ha.