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Friday, April 17, 2009

Just Beachy!!

Flagler Beach is a true beach town. Located on the Atlantic ocean about halfway between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach. Flagler still has that small beach town feel to it, even though I would imagine it gets rather crowded in the summer. The sand has the most amazing orange color to it because of all the coquina shell fragments. I just found out about the coquina shells today when I asked our waitress at lunch!! The beaches in both St. Augustine and in Daytona both have the regular white sand....not quite the same texture as on the Clearwater side, but white just the same. This sand reminds me more of Bermudian pink sand...except more orangey!! One of the reasons we like it here so much is that there are no high-rise hotels or luxury resorts here in Flagler Beach. And we haven't been able to find anything like "fine-dining." But they do have basic hotel accommodations near the beach and basic beach type food joints. There is not a lot to do here except enjoy the beach, fish, sightsee along the coast on A1A...but hey....not a bad gig if you can get it!!

There are a couple of beachy campgrounds right along this stretch of road and we are pleased that the one I picked out has worked out well. We are actually on the opposite side of the road from the beach, but we have larger sites here and it is a little less crowded....better for the dogs. They are getting better about not launching into full out barking when people walk by, but it is better here because I have a much larger area to walk them.

We have discovered a favorite coffee place called the JavaJoint and we have eaten there a couple of times already. We do not have a tow vehicle with us so we are limited in where we can go. Ben brought his mountain bike and I am riding my scooter. It is working out well as the restaurant is less than a mile away. I have also found that my scooter is good for....driving back and forth to the laundry facility...which I did last night with a load in my backpack! Amazing how resourceful we can get when we have to!! Backpack was just large enough for one load. I also used the scooter to grocery shop while we were in Jacksonville...that was an adventure! I filled up underneath the seat, the backpack, AND another shoulder bag that I had. Good thing the grocery store was a half mile up the road!! Yes, it would be easier to tow a car, but at the moment we do not have a towable vehicle and will be looking into that in the future.

We are renting a car for several days to do some exploring around here. I had to find a nail salon for heaven's sake...I'm going nuts!! So, tomorrow it is off to Super Target for some shopping, getting my nails done....and a little bit of sightseeing!!

Oh, I probably should mention the faceplant I managed today at the Java Joint. Ben went on ahead of me up the stairs to get an oceanfront table and it took me a bit to find a spot to park the scooter as it kept sinking in the sand. So, I finally ended up pulling it up on the sidewalk of a little beach shop under the restaurant. Well, there were three steps leading up to the next level. Apparently, my body thought there were only two and I completely wiped out IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. I could have died of embarrassment. And wouldn't you know I fell on the same damn knee that I hurt a month ago! So, I'm a bit bruised up tonight and assume I will be even more sore tomorrow. Am slightly pissed off at my husband as several of the customers came to my rescue and the waitress was very kind to ask me if I needed ice. He was just pissed that I fell. Unbelievable.

I'll keep y'all updated. Thanks for travelling along with me!!


CrystalChick said...

Ah, the beach looks beautiful!
Java Joint sounds like my kind of place. I'm sorry that you fell. Hopefully, you won't have too much pain with it. Hubs needed to be pushed DOWN the steps for being pissed. LOL Things happen, that's just the way it is, but luckily it wasn't worse.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Be careful!

BTW, give your husband a good smack upside the head for me.

silvieon4 said...

MEN!@#$! It is very common to re injure. That knee is still weak and unstable. Be careful. You and the girls look great. Have you discovered that flea combs get rid of sand? They do... FYI.
Take care, Silvieon4 is getting groomed for the Bichon Bash and she left me in charge of her mail today.
I am also juggling her "dates" for tomorrow. That girl...

Dianne said...

he probably acted pissed to hide how worried he was

ever since I got hurt I find I'm more accident prone than ever - ain't irony a crazy thing

feel better

love the photos, you look so beachy and glowing
love the two headed dog photo ;)

Honeygo Beasley said...

Sorry to hear about your spill - and hubby's reaction - are all men like that? My guy would probably do the same thing, I bet. He's done it before!!!! Nevertheless, you must be careful with your knee (Chloe says). Her knee is doing ok - she's back to playing soccer indoors, but not real rough. We wish we were at the beach with you! Have a great weekend and get a palm tree painted on your nail!


Katya said...

What beatuiful photos! Sounds like you are having so much fun and being very resourceful!

So sorry about the fall...NOT at all what you need. Funny how we all feel so embarrassed when something like this happens, but when someone else falls, we always feel concern. Oh, and husbands? They never make a whole lotta sense!

Anonymous said...

Don't feel alone, my husband would have been LAUGHING at me for falling... he is really bad that way, laughs at other's misfortune (as long as they aren't really hurt). *sigh* Hope you haven't done more knee damage... loving reading about your trip, and about the places along the way.

Pamela said...

hope you didn't exacerbate the injury.

I'm getting kinda clumsy myself.

Brenda said...

Java Joint sounds like a perfect little eatery. I hope you were able to move today after your fall! I've had a couple of falls over the years and they can cause some major pain.

Donna said...

Fire that husband!! Hope you're alright!!! Bet that hurt as well as being embarrassing...stay safe sweetie!hughugs

dawn said...

I have caught up on your vacation. It looks like an awesome trip. I would like the orange beach too, and the smaller beach atmosphere. Sorry to hear about your knee and the fall. I hope it is doing okay now. Glad the doggies are adapting. Hurray for the bark collars. I had a friend who could just ask her dog if she wanted the collar and that was enough for the dog to stop barking. Glad you made it through the hurricane type winds in Georgia; that would be a way to ruin a good holiday. We are on vacation now, not so long and not so warm but it is nice to get away.

Coffespaz said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I haven't been to the beach in St. Augustine, but I love that little town! Hope your knee is better soon.

Jennifer said...

I love a good faceplant story...especially when I'm not the star!!

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Amber DaWeenie said...

Ouch...sorry to hear about the knee. Hope it doesn't give you any more trouble.

Yes, Flagler Beach is a beautiful area if you want peace and quiet. We enjoy going to St. Augustine and going through all the "old town" stuff. Lots of history there.

Have Fun!