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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Oh Yeah....Williston, Florida!

These are just some random shots that I took while riding my scooter around the park in Williston, Florida....which is located by Ocala and Gainesville. This was truly the best of the best when it comes to beautiful parks!! They are under construction still, but when it is completed it will be really something! They aren't even done yet, and it already is quite the park!! Can't wait to go back....maybe next winter?


Katya said...

Wow, those photos look like they are from a different COUNTRY! hehehe The park looks like they are doing a very nice job of it! It's always nice to find a place you might like to return to see. So many places are like that and it makes camping a lot more enjoyable!

aims said...

We've been to some RV parks that really stand out in our memories.

Because we try to save as much money as possible so that we can do more things - we sent away for a number of different campground guides. Don Wright has Free Campgrounds - eastern and western editions (of the United States). Woodalls is another good one.

We also invested in the Hot Springs Guide - eastern and western as well.

Just a thought in case you are interested. Just because it says it's a 'free' campground doesn't mean it isn't absolutely stunning in some manner! (most aren't free anymore but there are some that are located in great places. We've been to some $5 ones that were wonderful)

Relyn said...

How wonderful. You make me want to pack my bags.