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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Inspiration for the Day by Chloe

'Heaven on Earth' is a choice you must make,
not a place you must find.

Dr. Wayne Dyer


Anonymous said...

It doesn't get any truer than that.

silvieon4 said...

Not living by default, choosing happiness. Live in the moment. Keep reminding us.

Katya said...

Aw, Jeanne, the PERFECT little one to show us how to live!!!! She is such a cutie and look at her enjoying every moment! I love the photo of Chloe in the hammock with your cute!

Brenda said...

Chloe the wise!

Honeygo Beasley said...

Chloe, that's very inspirational indeed.
I've got my bit of heaven here.
Enjoy yours!