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Monday, July 27, 2009

Christmas in July


And Oh What a Weekend it Was! I need SLEEP!
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Donna said...

Hahaa...glad you had a good time sweetie!!hughugs

Honeygo Beasley said...

Ho, ho, ho! Love the big chair.
Glad you had a good time.
Now it's time for the fur babies!

Katya said...

Wow! N wonder you are tired! Looks like you had a very good time!

I had never heard of "Christmas in July"...until this year! One of my friends in NJ has a daughter who also hosted a CIJ party last weekend!

Did you feel like little kids sitting in that ginormous chair?

Now, rest, relax, and recuperate!

lisaschaos said...

Looks like a busy, happy weekend!