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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mountain Road Trip

Meandering around the mountain roads near Spearfish, South Dakota and heading out tomorrow for a L O N G drive across the state!

This post was supposed to have contained photos! Blogger is giving me quite the problems tonight and will not idea why.

Hopefully I'll be able to upload some later!

Beautiful scenery here!!


faye said...

Blogger is misbehavin tonight.
Sorry you can't put up photos
until later. I look forward to
your travel photos... I need a
vacation !

Donna said...

Darn! Wish we could "see!!"
Have fun!hughugs

Daryl said...

have fun .. seems you are not alone, I just visited another blog that was having photo uploading issues ..

Honeygo Beasley said...

Looking forward to pictures and more words when you're ready. Have a nice loooooong ride with the girlz (and boyz) by your side.

Pamela said...

Thats where we're heading on our next road trip (NEXT SUMMER)

I can't wait!

Katya said...

Bad Blogger! Well, we will anxiously await your photos!!