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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Scenes from the Weekend


Always a bit sad when closing the cottage for the season. That means snow and cold are not far behind.

I truly love Fall! The colors, the smells, the clothes....everything about it! Maybe because I was born in the Fall?
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willowtree said...

Wow, it doesn't seem that long ago that you were writing about opening it up!

Honeygo Beasley said...

I was born in the spring and love spring the best. So I think you are right there, Jeanne.

Looks like you even had a little fall turning of the leaves color at the cottage to enjoy, as well.

Yuck to cold and snow - but it can be nice sometimes. Like those gentle still evenings ... when it's so quite and the snow falls softly ...

aims said...

We seem to have missed Fall here. Have gone from no summer almost right into winter as we're expecting snow for the next couple of days. Most of the trees still have their leaves - a lot of them still green - so what's with that?

I remember the feeling when we had to close everything up for the winter.

At least you have the option of the trailer now to get away from it all!

How's hubby doing?

Daryl said...

Amazing how fast time goes .. how is your husband feeling?

lisaschaos said...

It looks so pretty! Hard to see that snow will soon be there! :)

Katya said...

Well, I was born in the end of August when the heat was turned up ***WAY*** high! Hate summer,and heat as well. The fact that I never sweat contributes to my feelings, though, so it isn't that I "just" dislike the season!

Your photos are beautiful and I love the way you worked them into a lovely collage.

The weather was fantastic today even though it is a little "chilly". I also love fall for the clothes....a comfy turtleneck and sweater...ah!

I am thinking that since Mark has such a hard time getting around, maybe we can meet at Simply Crepes sometime? I think it is about time we meet, no? hehehe

faye said...

Send all the cold weather.. snow,etc...that you don't want
to Florida. Would love to have a
real change of seasons, instead
of hot to hot to not too hot.

Brenda said...

It sure is pretty up there! Enjoy your fall weather!

Pamela said...

so. what happens to the cottage during winter?