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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Is Anyone In Charge?

I need to rant. I need to complain. I need to freak out!!!

Since my husband just retired, we have just found out that it is mandatory that we switch our medical insurance. Which also includes prescription coverage. We have absolutely NO choice in the matter. None. Since I am on a host of different maintenance medications, I am quite familiar with dealing with pharmacies and drug companies, insurance companies, and doctor's offices. It did not please us when we discovered that the insurance company that we are being made to go with is not a mainstream company.

To top it off, the pharmaceutical company that handles their prescriptions has a ton of complaints against them! They actually paid THIRTY million dollars to settle a lawsuit that they were switching drugs to make money for themselves!!

Medco is the name of this company. I did a google search on them.

Do I sound annoyed and pissed off??

That is because I AM.



Anonymous said...

You know.. taking care of your health just should not be such a hassle!!! I feel for you.

silvieon4 said...

You are rightfully pissed off. So, you will:
1. always do your orders by fax and confirm them by e mail. NO PHONE ORDERS.

2. You will always check carefully that what you received is what you ordered. dosages and actual meds.

3. Build in a week to 10 days of extra time because they will screw up processing. It is a fact.

4. Tell your MD to write NO GENERIC SUBSTITUTIONS on your RX.

5. KEEP DETAILED RECORDS. Nothing is as effective as a calendar with accurate entries.

6. this is why you should always look at your ERISA plans...

I feel your pain!

Donna said...

Oh Lordy...feeling your pain too sweetie!(((HUG)))

silvieon4 said...

BTW I was not lecturing. But that old lawyer in me always comes out at the mere whiff of a possible lawsuit.
How many did they kill to settle for 30 mill??? A few years ago I picked up my allergy pills, got home and found the pills to look different... they were viagra... not effective for allergies. Can we all say SLOPPY???

silvieon4 said...

Sorry- but more than likely Medco bought the right to your contract. after all, kickbacks are their fav activity...

Sandy said...

rant away! we just had "open enrollment" for insurance at work. I dropped my hubby and, for a mere 100 dollars more per month, have an increased deductible, increased maximum, and crappier prescription coverage. I hate this junk. Oh, and the "no generic substitution" in some states must be "brand name medically necessary" hand written. Check out your state.

Katya said...

Oh, what a PAIN! That is just so frustrating. Companies are NOT worried about you, or your health. It is all about the bottom line.

In reading what silvieon 4 wrote, I think there is much sage advice!

And yes, I would be seeing red, too!!!!