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Monday, April 26, 2010

Utah It Is....Apparently!

I always peruse the news just to see if there is anything I might be interested in and I happened upon an article about boomers retiring to different locations....healthiest states, lowest cost of living, lowest income tax, etc.

So, I decided to take their little quiz given by AARP ( YES, I am only 51, but you CAN join at age 50 and you DO get many discounts when you do!! ). The quiz is called Location Scout and can be found at

It is a pretty easy questionnaire with very basic questions. I took the quiz three times...only varying my answers on a couple of questions.

Here's the list where I am SUPPOSED to be happiest living...

1. Anchorage, ALASKA ???
2. Casper, Wyoming
3. Ogden / Clearfield, Utah
4. Salt Lake City, Utah
5. Reno / Sparks, Nevada
6. Carson City, Nevada
7. Cheyenne, Wyoming
8. San Francisco / San Mateo / Redwood City, California
9. Provo, Utah
10. Fort Collins / Loveland, Colorado

Now, as you can see Utah came up THREE times! Wyoming came up twice...and Nevada came up twice.

But seriously...Anchorage, ALASKA???? Where did that come from??

And San Francisco, CA??? I said I wanted affordable housing. Must be a glitch in the system!!

I did specify that two MUST HAVES were clean air ( due to my asthma ) and broadband internet access (because I have an obsession).

I have never even been to Utah...but it is on the list of places I really want to go. And Colorado is too.

Been to Nevada...Vegas. Would NOT want to live there.

I could see myself living in Wyoming though...I loved it out there when we went last year!! Now the broadband internet may be a problem there....I couldn't even get Cell Service!!

Santa Fe would be nice as well...but apparently it does not have the best...air quality? Perhaps because of altitude. I think I could live there though.

My husband is convinced that New Mexico is going to run out of water so we should never plan to live there.


faye said...

love the photos.!!

Took the quiz and Florida is way
way down on the list of my choices.
The west coast seems to be the
best place for me.
I've been to Anchorage and I would live there in a heartbeat, sadly it was about number 30.

Sandy said...

Alaska is one of the states that does not have state income tax. That may be why AARP recommended it. Just a thought.

Karen said...

LOL...hmmm..that's a wide range of choices you were given. And.. I wouldn't have thought of ANY of them as far as retirement.

I'm only 45, but I think I'm gonna go take that test and see what it comes up with. Thanks for the tip!

Mommy, I'm Home said...

I vote for Ft. Collins/Loveland. It's just up the road from me about an hour and half, and it is beautiful.

Donna said...

LOVE ET Mountain!!!!Hahaaa!!!
How wonderful you got to visit there!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

If you're movin to Utah you'd better check out the Mormons. Love your blog and although I've just found it I'm having lots of fun over here. I left you an award on my blog today so when you get a chance pop on over and pick it up!

Jeannie said...

there are many places i think i could be happy - as well as not happy. fortunately for me i love where i live. it might not be gorgeous in the sense of geographical drama, but i understand the vibe of my coastal town, and living in a warm climate (although we do definitely have seasons, just not traditional ones) with lots of sunshine makes my heart happy. also, the quality and connectedness i feel is an important component to residential happiness. while we landed here a bit unexpectedly, and while I would consider moving to other coasts, namely in California, I can honestly stay I love where I live.

hey, I noticed you have my button on your sidebar. oh, i am so flattered. thank you. honored.

Karen said...

I took the test, Jeanne... and I guess I should be headed to the Oregon Coast or Pensacola, Florida!... looks like we won't be near each other in

Maya said...

I have to take that test..., still looking for that "perfect" beach resort town to call home!!!

Maya @ Completely Coastal

Cloudia said...

love it

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

Sally Lee™ said...

I don't have any thoughts of moving as I live in my ideal location; however am going to take the test. Santa Fe looks nice ;o)


Honeygo Beasley said...

Great post - !

Very funny. Love the signs!

Back off, Goats!

Gledwood said...

Hi I saw you commenting at Mary's blog (Mary necklacemaker from NJ)... saw you were a cloud-dog and was wondering what breed you were, Maltese or Bichon Frise... you know I never even knew what a bichon frise WAS until last winter when I kept seeing my neighbour's one going walkies in doggie coat and harness in the snow...
They are very cute types of doggies..


Gledwood said...

You know I misread that billboard and thought it said "crazy woman reality"...

... hmmm!

PS was that meerkat-like thing a prairie-dog? I'm sitting here in London and have never driven through American countryside, so I really don't have the faintest clue!!

Pamela said...

I want to VISIT those places.
I'm staying put otherwise! ha ha

Anonymous said...

Took the quiz and two of the choices for me aren't that far. 'Montpelier, Vermont; Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania; Boone, North Carolina; Hood River, Oregon; Wenatchee, Washington; Hanover, New Hampshire; Missoula, Montana; and Gunnison, Colorado' They all sound decent to me. ~jeanne