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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fit Flops...The Decision

My decision has been made about FitFlops. I am going to go for it!!

I have been around and around to all my favorite shopping Amazon, Zappos, Piperlime, Macy's, and Lord & Taylor.

Finally I decided I really don't feel like I gave my friend Alicia a call over at Macy's and lo and behold she had a size 6 in violet! Perfect! I had a tough time deciding on which style to get as they have lots of cute styles...but apparently these things sell really well as most of them are sold out or only available online!!

I am headed over to pick them up tomorrow!! I'll have to give you a Review of them after I have worn them for awhile. As much as I would love to wear a super cute pair of Steve Madden or Jessica Simpson wedges...or my fave BCBG''s just NOT going to happen.

Since my diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis along with some other significant problems...I have now been reduced to wearing Crocs most of the time...or my Skechers...which I have in many different colors because I love them!!

Hope everyone has a very Happy Mother's Day Weekend!! Please remember that there are people whose pets ARE there children so it's nice to wish them a Happy Weekend too!!



Sandy said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Karen said...

They're all awesome, I'de say get a few! My friend loves hers..very comfortable.

I have arthritis in my neck and hands.. I feel for you.

Katya said...

Interesting, Jeanne. I've not heard of FitFlops before, in in reading about them, they sound terrific! I cannot wear anything with a heel as I get such pain on the top of my foot, so I am finding myself wearing flatter and flatter shoes. Even clogs seem to aggrevate the pain. I might need to look into these! Thanks!
And Happy Mother's Day to you!!!!!

Cloudia said...

This Hawaii girl lived in flip flops (we call them slippers)
With my back hurting, I decided to try better footware for walking.
Found Dr. Scholls sandals that have the curved bottom and plenty of cushion for half the price of sketchers or reebok. Love them. Building my core, helping my feet and back.

Aloha from Hawaii

Comfort Spiral

silvieon4 said...

Are you doing any honey therapy for your RA? My mom is doing honey and has contemplated bee therapy.

Brian and Kendra said...

I have never heard of fit flops but I seriously wear flip flops every single day! :) Thanks for stopping by Key Lime Blog Design! And adding my button! Your awesome! Have a great mothers day! I'm a follower now too!

Honeygo Beasley said...

I have a silver pair and they're the only flip flop casual sandals I will wear for arch support. Those other cheapo things that the kids wear and no good for your feet.

Hope you like yours.

aims said...

It will be interesting to see how you like them. I have a feeling that you're either going to love them or hate them.

Personally I've refused to go the croc way. But I've looked at these a number of times and they are pretty interesting and cute too!

lisaschaos said...

Let me know what you think. I've contemplated, but also am stuck in crocs because of foot pain.