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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am truly thankful for DATE Nights!!

Each week we decide on an activity...which sometimes is a Movie Night...if there is something interesting playing at our local theatre. We have a small neighborhood theatre here in town which is a bit less expensive...not much, but a little less than the larger theatre complexes. The best part of it is that it is only about ten minutes from the house!

When my daughter was over on Monday, we decided to check out the Back Up Plan with Jennifer Lopez. Ok, so maybe it was a little rom-com...but one of those is good once in awhile! Just go and have fun and forget about all your troubles! We loved it!! Of course, we are both fans of Jennifer and have been for a very long time!


Tonight my husband came up with the idea of visiting the Finger Lakes Casino

We've been meaning to check out their buffet dinner forever, but we just never got around to it. Until tonight!

Well...let me tell is FABULOUS!!! One gets to experience a Tuscan atmosphere at the "All You Can Eat" Vineyard Buffet! It is a 10,000-square foot buffet which features the tastes of the Mediterranean, the Southwest, regional favorites, All-American, fresh carved selections, seafood, and the finest salad and dessert bars you’ll find anywhere in the region!

Holy Moly! It was great...and we highly recommend it!!

Then we checked out the slot machines...which are always a kick!!

Playing the penny slots, I actually won 27 bucks!

What a great time we had!!

I just love Date Nights!!

Do you have any fun activities that you and your friends and/or spouse do???

Tell me! Tell me!!

Always lookin' for ideas!!


faye said...

Good thing we don't live near a
casino.. I can sit at a roulette
table for hours and hours.

Karen said...

LOL..honestly? Date night consists of going somewhere to EAT, not having to cook and clean up the mess.. leaving the kids home. They are now way-old-enough to do so. every now and then we go antiquing..and eating... a movie is rare because of my hearing impairment. I wait till they are out on DVD so I have closed caption. Sucks for the man, he hates the words on the bottom.
OH.. and we have the Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun Casinos!

Mommy, I'm Home said...

Steve and I like to go for hikes and bike rides. We have a tandem, so whenever we can ride together we try to.

Donna said...

Lordy, that all sounds fun! I Love casinos too! But too far away for a little trip..
We haven't had a date night in AGES.....

aims said...

I'd actually have to see The Man once in a while to have a date night.

Any night he is home he's to knackered to do anything but stare at the tube.

There is hope though- you know the hope - the one that comes with traveling and the RV. Things happen in there that have to stay in there! ;0)

(btw - I love playing the penny slots!)

Anonymous said...

Me thinks in addition to having the same name we enjoy many of the same things hehe. What did you think of elimination on Dancing? and how about Lost?!?!?! Wow! I must admit I love when JLo does this kind of movie. Loved "The Wedding Planner" and "Mother in Law"(? the one with Jane Fonda). We have a casino trip coming up. Daughter and Son-in-Law treating my husband for Father's Day. One of the CT ones has a Titanic Exhibit we'll be going to see. ~Jeanne

Katya said...

Date night? Argh!!!Maybe. Someday!
That's okay, though, cause we just like going on day trips and seeing new sights!

Honeygo Beasley said...

Glad you were lucky! : )))