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Friday, June 11, 2010

Canandaigua Cruise Night: Video FIXED!

We were just sitting here yesterday afternoon when my husband mentioned that we should go down to Wegmans and grab a bite to off we went!

Little did we know that the Canandaigua Cruise Night would be in full swing!

They had alot of cars there!!! All different years and makes....

Like taking a walk down memory lane!!



Katya said...

Jeanne, hehehe....I wondered what I was missing when I stopped by earlier!

Mark and I were at Wegman's just as the earliest cars began to arrive. I was so impressed, watching the employees setting up the refreshment stands.

We loved seeing the cars arriving. What a treat! And, how SMART of Wegmans to sponser this!!!!

faye said...

Lovely cars. Thanks for the little
trip down the lane.
In Bob's shop is a 1960 alpha romeo
that he bought for me Valentine's day 2000 ... note it is in his shop.
he was suppose to restore it...10 years ago........ he hasn't touched it since we moved to the new house
6 years ago... great dust collector.!!

Anonymous said...

Love your refreshing ! Haven't been blog-visiting much lately and just thought I'd stop by to say hi....HI !

Donna said...

Stopped in earlier and Thought I'd left a comment..guess not!
Love the old cars!!

silvieon4 said...

You did not pull a momma did you? You did not stop to lick the 54 powder blue bugatti, did you??? Looks like it was fun!

Dory and the Mama said...

I just love when hubbies are spontaneous! What a wonderful evening!