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Monday, September 20, 2010

They Just Won't Go AWAY!!

What IS it with these things...these ugly things???  I do not like Slugs!!!  And by the way I am NOT in the habit of leaving the girlz' dishes outside so they can attract these disgusting creatures!  Chloe's dish was only outside for a few minutes so she could have a "picnic".  Ten minutes later I go out and lo and behold...there is the UGLY thing.

Anyway, Chloe and LadyBug seem to have a fascination with these things...well...with anything that is a little different in THEIR yard!!  So, I decided I had better find out if they are dangerous / poisonous to dogs.

THEY ARE!  Do NOT let your dogs near these things.  The girlz would not even think of eating these...but there are stories out there of dogs that have actually died from eating them.  Apparently they carry some sort of worm...that can cause injury to the lungs of the dog.

Lesson learned...keep dogs AWAY from slugs.

And here's another little gem of information...

Pure table salt...sprinkled around...will make them shrivel up and die.

Happy Salting!!

Have a margarita while you are at it

See that handy, dandy little bug zapper to the left that looks like a tennis racket???  I own that and it is the BEST!!!  I love it!!!  It is perfect and zaps the little critters and instantly kills most anything!!  Terrific little gem of a toy!!


Sandy said...

OK. Disgusting comment coming. When my daughter was little, we had a dog who would go to the neighboring vineyard and bring home the maggot-ridden fish heads that they used for fertilizer. My sweet little girl would sit on the planter and drop rock salt on them to kill the maggots and then just giggle like a little madman! Thanks for the memory and the info about slugs!

Mary said...

Hi Jeanne~ That bugger zapper racket is the BEST, we have two we use to eliminate the swarm of gnats that seem to hover around your face as soon as we sit down at the lake. Enjoy your margarita, LOL!

Katya said...

UGH!!!! I also hate slugs but have not seen too many around our house this year, even though it has been fairly wet. One time, I saw one of the HUGE gray ones with black spots. It looked like a snake when it stretched out. Wanting to eradicate the thing, I picked up a large flat stone and put it on top of it and then stepped on it. Ewww....I still get the heebie-jeebies just THINKING about it!!!!!
Thanks for the info. I am grateful the Scots never are interested in these....give 'em squirrels and chipmunks!!!!!!

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

Uggghhhh... it rains a lot in Switzerland and we get so many of them!

I HATE them. Disgusting, pointless creatures. And they are poisonous to dogs, I had no idea!

jen said...

I didn't know that slugs were toxic to dogs! Thanks for that information!!!
As for the salt-I remember my mom teaching this to me when I was little. I use to love watching the little boogers melt:)

Sierra Rose said...

Oh wow! Didn't know they could be dangerous! Thanks for letting us know!!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

silvieon4 said...

Momma uses flaked Kosher salt and she also mixes a bit of borax. They are vile looking.... ick

Remington said...

Okay....GOT slugs for supper!

Hayden said...

And ---- the left over salt will wash into the ground and kill all of the soil life. Assuming you have any, which you don't if you use standard chemicals.

Anonymous said...

I am happy we don't have slugs like that here. I did hear that about salt; didn't hear that about dogs eating them. I wonder if it is salted if it has the same effect on the dog ;-).