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Monday, February 28, 2011

Academy Awards: My Best Dressed List

I was NOT impressed with James Franco as co-host of the Academy Awards.  Anne Hathaway would have been better by herself!!  He really dragged her down.  

Actually I'm thinking Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway would have been pretty good together!!

As far as best dressed goes...

I had several favorites...I loved the many different gowns that Anne Hathaway wore.  Helen Mirren is always extremely fashionable!!  Loved Reese Witherspoon...she really looked good!  Halle Berry and Natalie Portman...very nice!  Gwyneth Paltrow looked fabulous! 

I really loved Sandra Bullock....take THAT Jesse James!! 

She is fabulous!

The girlz were decked out in their couture wear...purple mink!!

All in all .... we had an enjoyable time munching snacks in front of the fireplace...and checking out the fashion...just weren't all that impressed with the hosting of the show!

I am a die-hard awards show addict I will watch next year anyway!


Jeannie said...

Love Sandy B., but not her dress or lipstick. Harsh. Loved Anne H. and agree about Franco but I do like him in general. Their commercials were better than the show. Loved Penelope Cruz!

jen said...

We didn't get to see the awards, so thanks for sharing! We usually only watch for the dresses anyways:)

Donna said...

OMGGGGG!!!!Hahahaaa....I LOVE IT!
They look FAB in their mink capes!!Hahaaa......And SO ready to watch the awards....How fun!

I use to like watching but knowing what 3/4ths of them have said about the Teaparty or Republicans, etc, I just can't watch. I can't support people that think of "me" as being trash...Not trying to rain on your fun time...Looks like it was a blast!
Glad you all enjoyed it!

Karen said...

Anne did a stellar job - she is adorable anyway... LOVED the white gown, it was my favorite.

Actress dropping the F bomb sucked. As did James Franco in my opinion.

Karen of Bethany said...

I didn't watch the show because having been an entertainer and former concert producer, poorly-run entertainments (usually due to bad writing) make me squirm. I am a die-hard fashion addict. I was not impressed with Gwyneth nor Reese. What is it with the "bare" chalky makeup and the stringy flat hair? They look like corpses. I think that with gowns, the hair should be worn pulled back (NO CHUNKY PONYTAILS) and elegantly accessorised, perhaps with a brooch or thin band. Hair should be conformed to the gown, the facial structure and general overall positive qualities of the individual. I will be so happy if "natural" hair (i.e., gorgeous waves or curls) comes back into style.

Amber DaWeenie said...

Our Blogville girls should have worn some of dos dresses at da banquet. But dey all looked nice anyways!

Pamela said...

didn't watch it. Halle Berry's dress is a bit to frou frou for my taste. Maybe it translated better on screen?

The girls look great. heh heh

Remington said...

Still liked Franco....that's just the way he is....I am sure he did his best....was good all around! We really enjoyed the evening too!

CrystalChick said...

LOVE the girlz in mink! :)

Helen Mirren is so classy and lovely!
And Penelope Cruz would ROCK an old ratty tshirt, ya know!? She can wear anything. Wow, what a beauty.

Didn't watch the show but now definitely must get to see King's Speech!

the booker man said...

my mama loves miss helen's dress. miss gwyneth's dress is cool, too, just maybe in a different color? at the end of the day, though, you ladies should get the bestest dressed awardies for your outfits! :)

the booker man

Holly Loves Art said...

I loved Gweneth's dress very much! Love the girl's little fashion stoles. How cute are they? Love the brooch for that special touch!