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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bring on the Brights!!

I did a real quick sweep through Target today and fell in love with some of the super cute totes for spring!

I love totes.....preferably SUPER SIZED toted!!!  No small bags for way!

I have to carry around WAY too many things....

Never know when you might need something!!!

Here's an idea of a couple that I really like...I'm also shopping on Etsy and ArtFire!!

Check them Out!!!

Buy Handmade!!!  Support your LOCAL economy!!


faye said...

I'm with ya on the totes..
I collect them while on vacation..
and I would be lost without my canvas
messenger bag that I use for work.

Katya said...

Oh, those are PERFECT for the summer! LOVE the vibrant colors! (makes it easier for DH to spot you in a crowd, doncha know!!!!)

Karen said...

Is there really ever such a thing as a quick sweep through Target?

Love that last bag -

Donna said...

Those Are cute Jeanne!
Love the colors!

Teresa said...

Love love love these totes!
Love them all!
TOTES are so FUN!
I am honestly thinking about creating an Etsy shoppe with totes!
Gotta learn to SEW first!

Honeygo Beasley said...

Purty! I like the pink and green ...

Totes rock. They are great year 'round - leather ones in the fall and winter, canvas and straw in spring and summer.

Amber DaWeenie said...

The more colors, the better. Goes with more things!!!

lisaschaos said...

Those are cute. :) I can't resist a new tote. :0) I am love with the toes barnes and noble often has - they seem to be the perfect size and are stiff so easy in and out while sitting. Anyway, I love totes!!