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Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Go-To Gadget!

I have spent a great deal of time debating whether or not to switch completely over to ebooks or not.

It has been a slow transition. I started first with reducing the number of newspapers I bought. Now I only buy one newspaper per week...Sunday. I don't even read the paper...only purchase it for the coupons! I read ALL my news online. If I cannot find it online...I do not need it!

My numbers of magazines have been the subscriptions have run out, I have not renewed them. At one time, I had quite a long list of monthly magazines! I love to read! Still a matter of fact! As the number of magazines started dwindling, my Kindle arrived on the scene. I was in love! As a person who spent many, many happy hours in book stores...and alot of time on just thought it was the coolest thing that I could shop to my heart's content and have ANY book I wanted delivered immediately for my reading pleasure. What a great concept! So...moving along...happily reading more and more on my Kindle...Christmas is upon us.

I presented the idea of an iPod Touch to my husband. Was I ever surprised on Christmas morning to find an iPad under the tree. Well, now I am seriously in heaven. THIS is one amazing little device! I do EVERYTHING on it...from watching movies to surfing the net, researching all kinds of things, and the APPS! I have now reduced my magazine reading even I have discovered the US Weekly and People well as all kinds of movie reviews with the IMDB app. I can rent and watch movies instantly with the mspot movie app. Time Warner Cable has their own app which allows me to watch cable in any room of my house or outside if I so desire! The ABC Player lets me catch up on all the tv shows I may have missed...without having to invest in a TIVO. The Kindle App makes my entire Kindle library available to me on my I only have to carry around ONE device...which also happens to have all of my photos on it that have been uploaded to Picasa and Shutterfly...and with the camera connection kit, one touch uploading of photos off my Canon camera.

Ok...I tend to get a little bit carried away when discussing my newest little gadget, but can you not???? It does everything!!! I rarely carry my laptop anymore...this is sooooo much more convenient.

The one thing I had not yet done was switch to electronic magazines!

WOW! I downloaded the Oprah magazine...which also happens to be one dollar cheaper than the print version. I LOVE it! This issue is incredible! Complete with Oprah discussing her thoughts on some well as other videos scattered throughout...not to mention High Definition pages throughout...I am COMPLETELY sold on electronic magazines now too!

Just think how much space I will save! This is important to me as we are always moving around and the least amount of stuff I have to lug with me ... The better!


Katya said...

Jeanne,that is fantastic! The IPad sounds so cool...I was thinking how nice it would be to buy an ereader, but I think now that would be a waste. Now *I* need an IPad,too!!!! Don't think it will happen any time soon, tho! I love reading your reviews. You are really good!

Jeanne said...

Wow Jeanne it sounds like it is a match made in heaven for you, especially with you guys travelling so much easier! I haven't made that transition yet and don't know that I personally will. Just so's you know also I have returned to the blogging world. Had some of my bloggy friends asking and the photo challenge I regularly participated in was one that pulled me back this time.

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

The iPad is in my very near future. I hope I can figure out how to take advantage of all it has to offer. Thanks for your very encouraging post.

Donna said...

I take NO subscriptions any longer of Anything...My IPad can do it all as well...
Glad you are enjoying yours!

Kolchak Puggle said...

Thanks for the review, I have been thinking about an iPad - or another tablet type device and I have been hesitating. One reason is that I like books - the physical feel and smell of paper books, but the clutter does indeed get out of control that way. I appreciate hearing other people's thoughts!