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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

There are Some Days...

There are times when I could just S C R E A M!!!

One would think that the girlz would know the routine by now. They see bags being packed and set by the door.

They see THEIR things being put in THEIR bag and placed INTO the vehicle.

Their carseats are already installed in the back of the Jeep.

The cooler with the food is the last thing to be packed. When the mama walks out to the car carrying THEIR leashes...they KNOW it is time to go!!

Now we do this a couple of times a week.

One would THINK they would GET it.


Not so much.

Drives Ben and I totally NUTS!!

We get in the car which is fourteen thousand seven hundred degrees because it is HOT out and the car has been sitting out in the sun.

The A/C does not seem to be working AT ALL.

The girlz were told to go to the bathroom BEFORE entering the vehicle.

One did. Chloe.

LadyBug did not.

We aren't one half mile down the road when the panting starts.

Another half mile down the road and we are in FULL FLEDGED PANTING ERUPTION mode.



So. Exactly ONE mile down the road, we pull over into the public boat launch area.

Ben gets out and loads another can of freon into the A/C.

I let the girlz out to "take care of business".

Chloe goes AGAIN. This time...POOP.

More poop than can comfortably come out of a small Bichon.

The doesn't come all the way out. I have to go back to the Jeep and get out my trusty WIPES. Of course, I do not have anymore babywipes left, so I have to use the Clorox Orange Scented...fortunately bleach free...wipes. To be more specific, it actually took me EIGHT wipes to clean up this mess.

By this time, LadyBug has gone and we are now ready to re-enter the vehicle.

All loaded up and back into the vehicle.

Chloe's panting has not yet subsided. In fact, her heart-rate is increasing by the second. We make it approximately ten miles down the road and we have to stop for gas before getting on the highway. I decide to simplify this little endeavor by taking the girlz out AGAIN while Ben gets gas...and we also have to grab something at the drive through because we are both starving.

By the time both girlz have gone AGAIN and re-entered the vehicle, I jump out and head in to order our food. This was not supposed to take very long. It was intended to be a very quick stop.

As I'm inside waiting for the order to be ready, the girlz are driving Ben totally Up The Wall. By the time I arrive back in the vehicle, the girlz are hyper-ventilating and are in desperate need of water. Lots and Lots and Lots of water!! Fortunately, I had thought ahead and put a little dish and container of water under my seat. The girlz decide that they both MUST fit their tongues into this little dish at the EXACT same time as they are both entitled to drink FIRST.

The panting continues.

Ben is threatening to pull over at a nearby animal shelter.

We wolf down our food and I end up giving them MORE water as Chloe is still just hyper-ventilating.

Finally we get on the interstate and head home. We are fortunate that the girlz have decided that they now need a nap.

Ben and I are freakin' exhausted. There's a tractor trailer off to the side of the road and emergency vehicles all over the place and FIRE! So, we wait for a few minutes....that seemed like hours.

Then, we made it the rest of the way home.

We open the mail and discover that we earned a free Pizza! The coupon expires in an hour.

One quick phone call and a drive back and forth to the pizza place...I now have my free pizza AND an order of cheese breadsticks!


Was it worth it?

I am just too tired to even think right now.

We are all going to sleep.

Hope you all had a better day than we did!!

(Next time we should just take the RV. We NEVER have to stop for anything then!!)


Katya said...

Thank you for the SMILE!!! I needed that as I have been BEYOND miserable today! This heat and humidity is AWFUL! Glad you made it safely home and I hope you get plenty of rest. Being a mom to fur babies can indeed be trying!!!!! (But add two teens into this mix to REALLY get some fun results!!!!)

Mary C said...

OMG, that's cute and funny! Not for you so much but the read was good on my end. ;)
I think you need a Bichon NANNY to go on trips with you!

Mary C said...

p.s. I was commenting from my 'other' blog today. :)
Still the same Mary!

Donna said...

Hahahaaaa....I'm NOT laughing AT you...This brings back memories of OUR little dog, Corky and all HIS long places that if you Don't keep shaved, stuff...sticks to it!!Hahaaa
Never Again will I own a long haired dog...but YOURs are Adorable!
Look at those Faces!!

Mary said...

Jeanne, I can so identify, LOL! We go to and from the lake EVERY week and they are nervous nellies with the panting. I SO loved your post!

Holly Loves Art said...

Hee hee oh this is so funny! I feel your pain. I love the way you told this cute story. Kiss the girls for me.

Felix Doodle said...

BOL! So frusterating! Good thing you have a sense of humour about it.