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Friday, December 16, 2011


LadyBug here!!  I am just chillin' looking at my Christmas Tree!!

Today we would like to share some of the ornaments on our tree with you...hope you enjoy!!


Finn said...

They sure are pretty! I'd be looking at them all day too if I had those!

Maggie and Mitch said...

The ornies on your Christmas tree are just beautiful, girls! We sure love Christmas!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Mary said...

Hi Jeanne~ Love the Flamingo ornament! I was trying to see what kind of Christmas toy LadyBug is snuggling up with :)

K9friend said...

Very cute ornaments, and you are adorable, too! We hopped over from Critter Alley and signed on as your newest followers. Would love it if you could stop by for a visit!

Critter Alley

Amber DaWeenie said...

So purrrrrty.....Maybe you should send in a foto for da Blogville Christmas Tree at Pet Fiction Theater!


Lydia @ See Beautiful said...

Oh my cuteness! Lady Bug, you make the ornaments look even more precious!

Happy seeing beautiful!

silvieon4 said...

Thank you for sharing, all we are staring at is boxes... boxes and more boxes. The joy of packing and the agony of moving... ick

Sierra Rose said...

Looks lovely! Tis the season!
Have a nice weekend by the tree :)

Big hugs,
Sierra Rose

Donna said...

Lots of Pretties there!
Have a great weekend!!

Ann said...

chillin and checking out the tree is one of my favorite things to do :)

Hoke said...

But do you get to eat any of those ornaments? The other day I was laying on my bed (under the tree) and an ornament fell right on me...hey I thought it wanted to play...but I got in trouble!!

Kari in Vegas said...

pretty ornaments

Stop on by for a visit