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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Beemer's Visit: Day One

Some people share custody of their children, some share custody of their grandchildren...well, my ex and I share custody of our grand-dog! Beemer was at his grandfather's house and I went to pick him up yesterday. He was happy to come and visit with the girlz although Beemer and LadyBug have kind of a love / hate type relationship. LadyBug is EXTREMELY protective of her mama!! Beemer just likes to be close to me because HIS mom is out of town. So....Beemer gets to sleep with Ben and me and the girlz sleep in my office while he is visiting. This creates much less tension in the household and alleviates growling matches that happen when Beemer wants to get on the bed that LadyBug is on. was such a gorgeous day outside today that everybody wanted to be outside! Unbelievable temps and abundant sunshine!!! Great stuff!! Then, Ben and I ran over to Wegmans to grab a corned beef dinner. Due to my abscess, I can't chew meat too well right now, so I had the Pesto Pasta...which was excellent! At least it was green!!

Hope you all enjoyed your St. Patrick's Day! Looking forward to time with blog friends tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

Oh.. It's nice to have sunshine, Popcorn and i have been waiting for the rain to pass for the last two days. Looks like the furkids had a great time :D love BEEMER

Macintosh Mitch said...

Lucky you that Beemer got to spend time with you!
My mom is drooling thinking about pesto. She just loves it!

Love ya lots,

Bassetmomma said...

Awwwe! How cute that you share custody with Beemer! Sounds like you had a great day! We are having super warm days here in Ontario right now and loving every minute! Pesto pasta sounds delish!!

Katya said...

Beemer looks like he is having a GREAT time!!! Too bad LadyBug doesn't want to share her mama!!! I kinda think Murphy might react the same way, although he didn't mind Angus.

So excited to see you and Ben today!

Jazzi said...

sounds yummy and glad that you have an arrangement made fur all the dogs!!


faye said...

what a super collage... everyone looks terrific.!!

I had a corned beef sandwich for lunch
and when Mr. Picky Eater and I went to dinner I had broccoli put on my personal pizza.... Bob won't eat anything green or orange.....

Have a great week !!

Ann said...

I had a neighbor who was recently divorced and she told me she had a custody agreement with her ex regarding the family dog. :)

Ina in Alaska said...

Hello Beemer! What a cutie! I am enjoying your family dynamic! Never got your email if you sent one. I just upgraded my virus protection & there are a few wrinkles which ensued. Nothing is ever easy. Sorry about your abcess!!! Ouch!!!!

Ron said...

Good morning Jeanne!

Looks and sounds like you had a faaaaaaaabulous St. Patrick's Day!

"I had the Pesto Pasta...which was excellent! At least it was green!!

I adore Pesto Pasta!

LOVE your photo collage. Beemer has got the most precious face!

Have a lovely Sunday, dear friend!

X to you, the girlz, and Beemer!

Two French Bulldogs said...

cute. Boomer has lots of caring peoples around
Benny & Lily

Suka said...

Beemer looks like a sweetie! Very cool he is so loved and has two families to enjoy! :->


Suka said...

p.s. Really like the new look of your blog!


GOOSE said...

We really like the collage. And that is great that you get to share Beemer.

Bailey Be Good! said...

Dropping off some woofs & hugs for a wonderful week! :)

~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

Duncan Breazeale said...

Beemer looks like alot of fun ... hope he gets to stay a while!!!