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Friday, April 20, 2012

Thanks!! And a Shot of Color!!

Thank you all so much for your opinions on the blog yesterday!!  Mama is going to exercise her right as the CUSTOMER who is paying the vet and tell them which items on the list we will get done!  If it was up to us we wouldn't be going at all...sigh.

And now...for a shot of color to get us all through the weekend!!  Enjoy yours!!


Finn said...

Oh very pretty! Good luck to you at the vet!

Just Ramblin' said...

Gorgeous color to brighten the day. Thank you! Goes perfectly with the morning coffee. : )

Beth said...

BEAUTIFUL color shots, my friend....however, the last pic is the BEST!

silvieon4 said...

Good for you. Print the stuff out and give them hell. SHAAAAAAME THEM. I walk in referring to the dog food section as the "JUNK FOOD Isle" and I lecture the staff on ethics and safety and vaccines and "blood profits". When they see me coming I don't even get a peep out of them and the last idiot who dared to write "owner refuses compliance" got my response note written underneath:"ill informed vet tech does not belong in this practice as she has advised unnecessary and unsafe procedures designed solely for profit". Ha. It got that page removed from the records, copied on a clean sheet was just the summary of why we were there. If you get stuck, call me. Ask ask ask all the questions, do not back down and advocate.

faye said...

Happy Weekend !!

Beautiful shots ...what lovely flowers.

glad the girls got a slight reprieve from all their 'shots'...

Bassetmomma said...

Thanks for the beautiful bouquet of flower shots!! Have an amazing weekend!

browndogcbr said...

Hi Y'all,

First, I went down and read the vet post I missed. My Human takes me to several different vets 'cause I live in a couple of places and one of the vets is a specialist. When I was at the specialist last time his clinic uses single shots good for 3 yrs and alternates. The new protocol is not to give those combo shots every year 'cause the dog has fewer negative reactions.

My Human discussed my major allergies with my regular GP vet and basically I got a 3 yr Rabies last year and I just got a 3 yr Parvo 'cause I travel. Can't recall what I get next year. If y'all have had a 3 yr Rabies you should be able to just take your shot records for your tag. I live in the southeast and need heartworm, but we found topical worked better than the pill with my each dog to his own! ;)
Wanted to stop and say hello!

My Human is havin' problems solving why my posts have stopped posting automatically. Sigh :(
It's meant I'm not gettin' around to keep up with everyone.

Hope y'all are havin' a great week!

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Wow, that is one beautiful splash of color.

Mom doesn't get all the vaccines for Phantom any more since he is getting old and she doesn't want to tax his system. He get his rabies every year and some of the others only every other year. We all get the kennel cough spray if we are going to be boarded or groomed where we will be exposed to other dogs. You have to just do what works best for you.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Mr. Pip said...

Beautiful flowers!

Your pal, Pip

Remington said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

GOOSE said...

What beautiful flowers, just lovely.

KSO said...

Gorgeous flowers! Spring is here!

Suka said...

Beautiful photos! The flowres are so lovely and the colors so vibrant! Are these all in your yard? Gorgeous! I can imagine how wonderful they all smell!

Your Mama is very smart! Good luck at the V-E-T and hope you get a special treat after your visit!


Ron said...

Jeanne, these photos are knocked-down GORGEOUS!

WOW! Those pansies are so beautiful! I love pansies because they always look as though they're smiling!

Have a delightful weekend, dear lady!

X to you and the girlz!

Tucker The Crestie said...

Gorgeous flowers!

I have been very interested to see some quite divergent responses to yesterday's vet question. I'd like to say just one more thing about this.

First, I am not anti-vaccination. Vaccines were developed for a reason and they DO save lives. HOWEVER, the way they work is by inciting an immune response in the body and that is something we only want to do judiciously and ONLY WHEN NECESSARY. In other words, TITER TESTING. Titer testing is more expensive than vaccinations are, but once you have identified that your dog (or cat) has adequate immunity to a given disease, you only need to titer test every two to three years to confirm that the immunity still exists. If adequate antibodies are not present, THEN you can vaccinate, but ONLY after carefully weighing the perceived benefits against the known risks.

OR - in other words - ONLY healthy dogs should be vaccinated! Dogs that are in any way unwell should not be vaccinated (except for rabies, because generally it can't be avoided and most states/counties won't accept titer results as proof of vaccination) until they become well. For some dogs this means that they may never receive another vaccination (except rabies) regardless of what their titer testing shows. Senior dogs should also not, IMO, be vaccinated, unless titering shows a need and the perceived benefits to known risks are duly weighed and a considered decision is made.

We tend to use the words "routine" and "vaccination" almost as a single word. But although they ARE often in fact given routinely, vaccinations are far from routine. When administered properly (check out Dr. Jean Dodds' modified vaccination protocol) and their efficacy measured by means of titer testing and repeated only as necessary, they can, and do, protect our dogs and cats from some very serious diseases. But when we forget the old adage that the cure (or in this case the preventative) can be worse than the disease, we can do some very serious damage to the pets we want so much to protect.

Mitch said...

Your colors are just gorgeous! Mom loves the pansies best. She just loves their sweet little faces!

Love ya lots

Teddy Bear said...

Beautiful flowers.:) Ugh, the VET...not so fun but necessary, we guess.:)

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Ellen said...

Those flowers are gorgeous! Gosh I'm glad it's springtime. I had an interesting experience at the vet this morning too. My Sugar Plum is on meds for her valley fever. A friend told me to get an RX from the vet when she runs out and take it to Walmart or Costco. She says she gets her dogs meds there because it's less expensive. So I called this morning for a new RX and the receptionist was apparently shocked. She said she'd have to ask the vet and get back to me. I guess that's one way they make money. Well, suffice it to say, I did get the RX, but I can tell they weren't happy.

Ann said...

good for you on the vet situation.
Pretty flowers, enjoyed the splash of color

Maddy and Owen said...

Love the flowers :)
Maddy and Owen

24 Paws of Love said...

What a beautiful garden! Is it yours or somewhere close by? Cause I think I could sit there all day and never move!!

Have a great weekend!