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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Heartfelt Thanks to Doogan & Isabelle!!

We were so delighted to receive a package from our friends Doogan and Isabelle on Bainbridge Island!!  Doogan and Isabelle belong to Teresa from Blooming on Bainbridge!!  We were fortunate to be the winners of the Frosty Paws Giveaway on Teresa's Blog!!  Here are a few pics of the BOX!

 I think they could smell Doogan & Isabelle...or maybe Teresa's COOKIES on the stuffed animals!!

 They cannot wait for me to get to the store to purchase them some Frosty Paws!!!  More pics to follow at a later date!!

The girlz were beyond excited to open this box!!  They are getting to the point where .... whenever the postman rings the bell...they automatically assume he is bringing something for THEM!!

We were relying on Mr. Ben to take these pics and he doesn't always take the best pictures...but you get the idea!

Look at this happy girl!!
THANKS Doogan, Isabelle AND Teresa!!!

We love you guys!! xoxo


GOOSE said...

Oh I LOVE Frosty Paws!! I have a few left in the freezer. I better go see if I can get one NOW, even though it is 9 degrees outside.

Donna said...

Awwww....I Love when the Girlz are happy!!Hahaaa

Mitch and Molly said...

You girls are so lucky! We don't get Frosty Paws often but when we do - yummmmmmmmmm

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Daryl E said...

i love seeing them so excited

Two French Bulldogs said...

We think mom is having lots of fun opening the presents too. You are so lucky you didn't have to wait til Christmas
Benny & Lily

Ann said...

congratulations on the win. what a fabulous prize. I can see how much the girls love their package.

Hoke said...

Who doesn't love getting pressies!!!! Enjoy!

BeadedTail said...

What great presents! You do look very happy!

Bassetmomma said...

How wonderful to win some Frosty Paws! The girls look so happy! :)