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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Lock in Your Price for 45 Days with #Gazelle

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Trade-in your Phone with Gazelle's 45-Day Price Lock Promotion!

Are you anxiously awaiting the arrival of the iPhone 6??

What are you waiting for??  Take advantage of Gazelle's limited-time 45-day price lock promotion.

You will have 45 days to lock in the price and send your old phone back to Gazelle...but, do NOT delay, as the price will go down the longer you wait!

Gazelle is the nation's leading electronics trade-in site, giving you cash for your old mobile devices...even if they are broken!! It is really quite simple...just go to the site, get a quote on the trade-in value of your device (the longer you wait, the more your phone depreciates in value), pack it up and ship it to them and they send you the money in return. 

And then your smartphone/tablet/laptop/e-reader gets a new life as a refurbished device that travels to a new home overseas, skipping that landfill all together!! YOU get cash in hand to purchase your fabulous new iPhone 6 or that new phone case that's extra bounce proof!! 

Limited-time only!

Go to Gazelle NOW to see what your device is worth! 

1 comment:

ann thompson said...

I wish I was waiting for the new iphone but I'm thinking it's going to be the annoying smart phone for a long time. Oh well I don't use my phone that much any way