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Thursday, October 6, 2016

They Are BACK...

EEEKKKKKK....The Infestation of the Wolf Spiders!!

Do any of you remember these "things" that I talked about a couple of years ago??

We returned to the homestead this week after being away at the cottage.

Yes, we were back and forth a lot this year due to all of the medical crap I have been dealing with.

I was NOT expecting to find that the yard has been infested with Wolf Spiders. I kid you NOT. Wolf Spiders.

Wolf Spiders are BAD!!! Freakin' unbelievably frightening!! And bothersome.

Would YOU want this thing greeting you at the door???

We have lived in this house over twenty years and never, EVER had this problem before!!

 I want to sell the house!!

I really, seriously want to MOVE!!!

We have been reading and researching all day about these things and have managed to kill about fifty of them...with various "tools" and I use that term lightly. We need to go out tomorrow and purchase some more items to get rid of these things. In the meantime, my home is inundated with dryer sheets in every single room!! 

I am rather terrified that these things are going to come in to the house and have babies and then I will have fifty bazillion of these things driving me completely mad.

Then, I will just die.



Molly and Mackie said...

Spiders are yucky! We hope you get rid of them QUICKLY, Miss Jeanne!

Robin Whiskers said...

That looks huge!!!

ann thompson said...

Oh my, those are ugly and I would be seriously freaked out by an infestation of them. I hope you can get rid of them quickly