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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Are YOU Ready?

We are going to be front and center on Sunday for the Superbowl!!!  (LadyBug is trying on her Patriots' Hair Bow!)

The picture above is from a couple of years ago...but we will be doing pretty much the same thing!  We just love the Superbowl Commercials and this year at least we should have a good half time with LadyGaga (and possibly Beyonce??).  Those old guys that were on a couple of years ago...just didn't cut it. I don't know who vetted those dudes!!

Anyway, we have several snacks planned...check this one out!!! We are going to make a variation of Valentine's Chex Mix!!

And by the case you had not guessed...we are actually hoping the Patriots win!!!   Have to stay true to mama's roots!  She was born in Massachusetts!


easy rider said...

we hope we can stay awake to watch it... the worst is that we don't have your funny commercials we get our own boring stuff during the breaks... and that makes it eggs-tra hard to stay awake :O)

Hailey's Lady said...

We call it the gluttony bowl at our house. We eat a lot of food and Lady has to go to bed before the game is over!

The OP Pack said...

Mom is a Massachusetts native too:) Mom loves the commercials, Dad loves the game, we love the snakcs - so it is a win already for us.

Woos - Lightning and Misty

madi said...

Please save me a seat by you those snacks look divine
Hugs madi your kitty friend

harrispen said...

We hope for a good game but being true Buffalo fans we will be rooting against the Pats. Sorry.

Ann Thompson said...

I don't watch the superbowl but Wade does. Ive tried but just can't get in to it. I usually pop in a couple times to see commercials

Ruby said...

OMD, SNACKS!!!!! Yes please!!!!!! Wells, we got no dog in the fight, butts since the Falcon's O Coach is gonna be the Niners new head coach, we gots to root for the Falcons....butts, just to lets you know Brady is from here! So, it's kinda a toss up....☺
Ruby ♥

Kim - Life at Golden Pines said...

I think you're all set - We're cheering for the Patriots too!

Molly and Mackie said...

yummmmmm - Mom secretly wants the Patriots to win but dad will be rooting for the OTHER team!