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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thursday Thirteen

For those bloggers who have been blogging as long as I have been...some of you may remember the "Thursday Thirteen" theme that we used to do...

We haven't done it in so many years!!  So, I decided to bring it least for today!  

It IS here are...

Thirteen things I like about me:

~I can laugh at myself. Almost every situation has some kind of humor in it!!

~Good spelling. I could win a spelling bee hands down and I have!

~I adore dogs! Maybe I'm a bit partial to Bichon Frises, but still...I love most dogs...big / little / no matter!! They have hearts of gold and they don't talk back or ask for money.

~My thoughtfulness. I love making cards for people for no reason, buying some silly little thing just to make someone smile. I call, I write, I stay in touch. Really I do.

~I can remember numbers like no one's business. I don't know why, but I do. I can remember the Vehicle ID Numbers from all of our cars and the social security numbers of a bunch of people close to me. Some of 'em don't like it, but I can't help it. Perhaps I'm a genius in disguise :)

~It's very easy to embarrass me. I will never live this down. It was always a problem during those "surprise" work us in the conference room for a "meeting". Yeah. I didn't go. Used to really piss them off. Maybe I'm just shy.

~Apologies are not hard for me to give if I am wrong. 

~I'm relentless. I will NOT give up if it is something I truly believe in.

~I'm a good friend. Remember the staying in touch thing?

~I am extremely independent. And, I love it. A weekend spent in solitude with no one to bother me is Heaven!!

~I can be very creative. When I want to be. If I don't feel like it, forget it.

~I really love celebrating's the little things in life!

~Hope and Faith - Two somewhat abstract ideas I'd never get through the day without.

So there you have it!

Give me your thoughts...should we bring the "Thursday Thirteen" back again?


easyweimaraner said...

I love celebrating holidays too... but sadly not the same way I did as I was a child ;O)... wonder where and when I lost this kind of joy and unconcern ;O)

Kinley Westie said...

I say bring it back!

catchatcaren said...

first, that photo is gorgeous! I am a superb speller too and won our 6th grade spelling bee!!! I'm not as good about keeping in touch as I should be, I am hoping my friends would say that I am a good friend. I am persistent, determined and relentless when I really want something!