Dogs really ARE Miracles with Paws!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Attention Dog Lovers!!

I'm in the middle of packing boxes for my move from the cottage back home. In the midst of my packing, I run across a shirt that I ordered last summer and forgot about! Don't ya love it when that happens?? I am quite happy about this as I discovered that this particular company has an ENTIRE website chock full of very cool things for dog lovers. I'm assuming most of you know that I am a dog lover. Anyway...check this out!!

By George, I think I have just discovered a whole BUNCH of Christmas presents!! Woo HOO!!


Sirdar said... are obsessed :-) Dog shirts? About the only thing George gets is a bandanna from the hair salon... :-)

bermudabluez said...

C'mon Sirdar! A girl's gotta have SOME fun!! You aren't the first one to call me obsessed. The shirts are for the OWNERS!! So, what's wrong with that??

Robinella said...

Your little pup reminds me of the only show I watch every week, called "Heroes". The mom in this show calls her dog Mr. Muggles and she is obsessed with him. I do love dog accessories, even though I don't have a dog.