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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Busy. Busy, Busy

Well, let's see, I've been trying to catch up with life here in Canandaigua now that I am back to "city" life. It is difficult. The pace of life is much different. First, out of the chute, I told you all I had joined Curves, so I am adjusting to going at least three times a week to that. Which, I LOVE by the way. It actually makes me feel good. I didn't think it would. But, it does. Except for this morning when I woke up really early and my entire body was aching. But, I expected this. Usually happens when I start exercising after a long time of not exercising! Took two Motrin and back to bed til 2pm. Woke up feeling actually refreshed. This is good. Let's hope it lasts.

Secondly, I'm trying to get it together over on NaBloPoMo. Lots of stuff to do to get it all set up. Hope I'm doing it right! I'm looking forward to participating, but I can only keep ONE blog I will continue to post right here on THIS blog and I have linked it on my NaBloPoMo page. The Randomizer is very cool....I could just go for days reading all the new and exciting blogs found through that thing!! Looks like I won't be getting much else done during the month of November!!

Got a few things planned for this week for Halloween. I might dress up and go trick-or-treating at my Dad's house with Chloe. He told me last year that he misses it. He's 80 years old now. We used to go together each and every year when Meish was small. And, when he's been in and out of hospitals through the years, I always dressed up and went to the hospital to visit him. He got a kick out of that! I think I will do that this year. He needs some cheering up!! We all get so busy with our own lives that we forget that just a little half hour visit with an elderly person can mean SO much.

One of the things I am enjoying about going to Curves is that I can have adult person! I'm so used to chatting with people online, that I have forgotten how nice it is to meet face to face. NOT that I am JUST socializing. I am also committed to working out while I am there. I firmly believe that you get out of it what you put IN to it. So, yeah, I'm working out AND talking! Works good for me.


laurie said...

i'm glad you're liking Curves. it does feel good to work the body and have that pleasant tiredness that comes from moving around, not from schlepping around doing chores or sitting around at a desk.

if you were to dress up for halloween, what would you dress up as? and would you give the bichon another go at a costume, too?

Frances said...

Thanks for visiting my blog - and for the lovely commment:)
Your's is great - Chloe is adorable!
I've been wanting to do Curves myself. I hear it is great.
Hope you and your Dad & Chloe have fun on Halloween.

Kellan said...

This is such a busy time of year, isn't it. I can't seem to get everything done. Glad to hear you are enjoying going to Curves - I know lots of friends that really like it. Have a good Sunday - see ya.

The Gal Herself said...

Good luck with Curves. The 3 days a week commitment sounds doable (I try to do it myself with Bally's) and I like what you said about deserving real adult conversation in real time. I bet Curves will not only be good for your body, it'll be good for your soul, too.

Simply Jenn said...

I love when you talk about Canandaigua. It makes me think of my aunt, uncle and the Finger Lakes.

Congrats on actually GOING to Curves. I signed up one year and then got pregnant. My husband and I have been members of a gym for three years, and I don't think we've been in two. I really need to go back!

Sirdar said...

Glad the Curves thing is still going for you. Don't give up. You will feel so much better for it.