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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Computer Addiction

I admit I have an addiction to the internet. Think about it. To some degree, we all do. At least those of us who blog!! And then of course, there is Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Stumble, Digg, AIM, Delicious, etc.........

But, here we go again. Any of you who are regular readers of my blog know that I have been having Issues with a capital "I" with my computers for quite some time. Oh, I was so surprised and excited when my husband got me a new Dell laptop for my birthday. Five days after I got it, the hard drive crashed. I did all the diagnostics online with their Technical Support people and the answer was.....hard drive DEAD. Must return and replace hard drive. OK. So I went without my new laptop for another week. Got along ok using my little Fujitsu Lifebook that is a thousand years old, but at least it works.

Received the new hard drive from Dell, installed it, reloaded ALL the software yet again. And here we are...less than two weeks and I get the dreaded ERROR MESSAGE tonight that there is NO DRIVE DETECTED!!! And I quote: Test Results : Pass. Error code 0141. Msg: Error code 2000-0141. Msg: No drive detected. The given error code and message can be used by Dell Technical Support to help diagnose the problem. Do you want to continue testing? Yes or No or Retry PRESS ESC TO ABORT TESTING".

After re-booting, the computer continued to work.

Note to Self:
Do NOT buy a Dell Laptop. They do not have reliable hard drives.

I feel SICK.


Brenda said...

How much ram do you have on your Dell laptop? And it's running vista, right?

I don't have a Dell right now, but I like their products and have done some basic upgrades for folks who have them and they're built quite well. I believe Dell will fix it right or give you a new one, don't be satisfied with less from them or any of them.

Brenda said...

2 gigs of RAM should be plenty to run Vista unless you play graphics loaded games or do video editing. Do you have a registry repair program that's compatible with Vista? I still use XP (I'm a die hard XP fan), and I bought a registry repair program that did wonders on my PC.

Kellan said...

Oh - so sorry you have had so much trouble with your Dells. I have two Dell laptops and have loved them. I have bought both as refurbished units and had decided they were they best laptops - maybe I've spoken to soon. Hope you get your problems resolved soon and for good!

Have a good week - Kellan

Katya said...

Gads, Mark just bought a new Dell laptop a couple of months ago. He loves it as it replaces the previous Inspiron he had for 4 (?) years. He is so sold on Dell. They have always made good on any problems he encountered. Be a squeaky wheel and see how it goes. Like I said, they always come through for Mark!

{i}Post said...

I feel your pain! My hard drive on my Sony died within a year. They replaced the hard drive but it has never worked correctly since!

lisaschaos said...

I'm sorry you're having so many troubles with this laptop! It is simply not fair! I think they should just totally replace it, sometimes you just get something bad. :( We have 3 Dells and my mom has one and they have all been fine - they are all on windows 98 still yet though. Hubs is using my old one and it's like 3 years old, still going but needs a new battery, he just keeps it plugged in.

Sorry, for your troubles. :(

CrystalChick said...

I still don't have a laptop, only the PC at my desk, which crashed awhile back, a Dell also, however it was older. We replaced the harddrive and things seem okay for now. Hubby says next time we upgrade we're getting a MAC.
My daughter's beau got a Dell laptop and had some issue with it I think, but it's okay now, and a friend of mine has had issues with hers. Don't think she's completely satisfied either.

Hope you get the glitches worked out. They should give you something decent for your trouble.


Aww I'm sorry you're having so many problems with the hard drive. I can understand how annoying that can be. If you can get a refund on it then you should and get a new laptop from Future Shop. We have two Toshibas and they work AWESOME. And Future Shop has been having a WICKED sale on Toshibas for like 600 bucks. They may not come in pink, but at least they'll work!!!