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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Think PINK!


How cool is this? I'm reading my favorite magazine, Real Simpleand on page 166 I run across an article on Stressing Less. Now this article GRABS my attention. It is entitled THINK PINK. And I quote:

"THINK PINK. You may find it too girly to wear, but surprisingly, a bubblegum shade of pink originally called Baker-Miller Pink has been shown to have a temporary soothin effect, actually lowering blood pressure. To add a little pink to your day (without repainting your office), make your screensaver a bright pink image, store papers in pink file folders, put a pink pillow on your chair, or jot memos on pink Post-It Notes."

Well, I should be totally stress-free then! I have surrounded myself with pink!

Pink Laptop - Check
Pink Mouse - Check
Pink Speakers - Check
Pink Mousepad - Check
Pink Glasses - Check
Pink Bows on the Q-Tip Girls - Check!
Even my camera case is pink!

Can you imagine the stress I'd be under if I had NOT done these things? OMG!


BlondeBlogger said...

You have a pink laptop??? I'm so jealous!!!

Brenda said...

I'm jealous too! My house is often full of pink when our 7 granddaughters visit. :-)

Hayden said...

I'm really surprised by that - I've always associated blue-greens with stress relief. Interesting.

dawn said...

Yes, it is a good thing you have surrounded yourself in pink or you might end up in a pink rubber room;-). I frankly love pink and when we had young kids we had pink carpet and pink walls in the kitchen (more of a mauve). Unfortunately the pink carpet caused a little stress with a having a kid that was a puker, but perhaps I relaxed after the original angst of getting the parmesan smell out of the new carpet.

lisaschaos said...

Too, too funny! Please don't take your pink away, you will explode!


LOL Cute post. Pink IS the new black!