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Saturday, January 31, 2009

My List of 100 Things About Me...

Everything you always wanted to know about me...but were afraid to ask..

1. I love my Bichon Frises and will never ever be without at least one in my life
2. I absolutely LOVE shopping and could spend every waking hour doing just that
3. Riding my scooter is one of my favorite things to do
4. I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a niece, a cousin
5. I have been divorced once
6. I am a creative person
7. I am stubborn at times
8. I am a night owl and never go to bed before 3am
9. I am fiercely loyal to people and causes that I believe in
10. I hate lying
11. I smoked pot in high school
12.,I used to have cats, but found out I was highly allergic and had to give them away but I still love them
13. It is hard for me to trust people
14. I have been abused
15. I have many secrets
16. I used to take allergy shots for a multitude of allergies
17. I suffer from migraines
18. Sometimes I open my mouth when I shouldn't
19. I don't always say what I mean or mean what I say
20. Blogging is a favorite hobby of mine
21. I spend way too much time worrying about things I cannot control
22. I'm still friends with all of my in-laws
23. I suffer from several autoimmune diseases
24. I miss being able to physically do things I used to be able to do with ease
25. I'm very glad that I have a driver's license
26. I pray that they discover a cure for Alzheimer's Disease
27. I have fibromyalgia
28. I hope and pray that my daughter has a fulfilling life
29. I wish I could have had more heart-to-heart talks with my mom before she passed away
30. I miss my grandmother alot
31. I wish I did not think about the past as much as I do
32. I am a fan of both Celine Dion and Shania Twain
33. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are two of my most favorite country artists.
34. I am a pessimist
35. I hate politics
36. I am absolutely, positively addicted to coffee
37. If I'm missing my mojo, I work really hard to get it back!
38. I crave alone time
39. I need music in my life
40. I find it difficult to share my thoughts
41. I hate winter
42. One of my favorite actresses is Julia Roberts
43. I hate games of any kind
44. My current favorite author is Jodi Picoult
45. I have no desire to vacation outside the United States....with the exception of Bermuda and Canada
46. Toronto and Niagara Falls both hold very special memories for me
47. I hate summer
48. Some people think I am funny
49. I wish someone would invent a cure for cancer
50. There are times I wish I had less responsibility
51. Sometimes, I wish I could be a kid again
52. I have some regrets
53. I am not afraid to die, but I hope that I do not suffer
54. I have been on one cruise and will never go on one again
55. I have spent time vacationing on an Island and loved every single minute of it
56. Bermuda is one of my most favorite places
57. Key West is a favorite vacation spot
58. I wish I could cook!
59. I love Mexican food
60. My greatest achievement is my daughter
61. I am the third of four brother and two sisters
62. My favorite animal is the dog, particularly Bichon Frises, Newfoundlands, and Labrador Retrievers
63. I am very glad that I can swim
64. I pray that no one close to me suffers from cancer ever again
65. I have alot of favorite movies!
66. I am afraid of driving over bridges
67. One of the hardest things I've ever done is to quit smoking
68. I hate arrogance and narcissism
69. My sister and I go to the movies every Tuesday night
70. I am absolutely passionate about napping
71. Paper Crafts and Cardmaking are my favorite hobbies
72. I love spending time at our cottage
73. I can only do karaoke if I have been drinking
74. My favorite colors are pink and purple
75. Fall is my favorite season
76. I no longer drink alcohol of any kind
77. I love to collect inspirational quotes
78. I was the fastest typist in my high school
79. I used to work for the school newspaper and I loved it
80. I do not mind washing dishes
81. I enjoy doing laundry
82. I read alot every single day
83. When I was a child, I decided I wanted to be a secretary
84. To some degree, I think racism is still a problem in our country
85. I rarely ever cry
86. I wish I did not have to take medication for my autoimmune diseases
87. I love the internet and have learned so much
88. I will never forgive adultery - EVER
89. I'm a huge fan of Classic Coke
90. Birthdays are very special to me and I think it's important to celebrate them!
91. I am still in contact with my best friend from high school
92. I am sometimes a leader and sometimes a follower
93. I love to travel and see new things
94. I am a Virgo
95. Manners are extremely important to me
96. I do not tolerate rude people
97. I have an addiction to acrylic nails
98. I do not like pedicures
99. I prefer working for men rather than women
100.I absolutely LOVE chocolate


silvieon4 said...

Ditto on the Bichons, we have a lot in common, in child would ask if we were separated at birth. Except for 97. Careful of those things, make sure you allow your own nails some growth time. We love your blog and my Bichons love it when I have yours on my screen. Ditto on the auto immune issue, I have something similar and have had to give up any alcohol and all sugars. I know.... what a total bust.

Keep blogging
Silvieon2 mom to Silvieon4

silvieon4 said...

PS. On the shopping, Everyone I know is wimp. They have to take lunch, their feet get sore, they get tired... whine whine whine.. I am a champion shopper and if you ever want to meet me at Potomic Mills, let me know. I will be the one dressed for the task and ready to go!

Anonymous said...

What kind of scooter do you have?

Brenda said...

I really liked reading all of these things about you. I love knowing more about people that I admire. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow...that is quite the list. We have many things in common...and many things not in common. You have many things in common with my sister...especailly when it comes to illnesses and other maladies.

Great list though. Learnt a lot about you....even if it is just a snapshot of who you probably really are. I'm not sure I could do a list like this. I know Dawn has...maybe one day I will.

RockstarJen said...

thanks for sharing! how cool to learn all this about you. your feet must be super ticklish. :)

lisaschaos said...

I found at least ten things I could say yep to. :) I'm a chocolate nightowl too. :)

A Spot of T said...

I've had gel/acrylic nails for over 20 years now. I can't even imagine what my normal nails look like...and I don't want to! Great list!!

CrystalChick said...

I absolutely loved reading all of them!!!
I did 2 lists of 100 and put them on my sidebar just so if I got tagged with one I could say there isn't another thing I could possibly think to say about myself. LOL
Some of these we're definitely twins on!! Like the cardmaking and chocolate and birthday celebrating, purple, seeing new things, the internet, blogging, won't cruise again, need music, alone time, etc. AND that I type like the wind too. Don't know if I were the fastest but in top 3 for sure.

Ah, but #43... boo hoo hoo. I love love love games. We've had so many Yahtzee rounds since Christmas that I could wallpaper a room with the used score sheets. ;)

Really enjoyed reading this.
Hug, M

dawn said...

A wonderful 100 list. I am still in contact with my best friend from high school too; she is on my blog roll.